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  • physamg physamg May 6, 2012 9:28 PM Flag


    It is easy to analyize and predict Berkshire results.In march I predicted a blowout 1st qtr operating results based on no major reinsurance loses,solid operating numbers from subs,market gains on investment portfolio of 11% ,and a positive swing in derivitive position valuations.I predicted a BV oy $107,000,share as of 3/31/12.Now the easiesat call of them all,Monday the stock price is up big.A buck and a half to $2/share would not surprise me.

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    • I was right,up a buck and a half today.

    • Well there is one analyst that called it like it should be, fair for the stockholders, BRKB stock fails once again. The two stuborn fools are really greedy. There are a lot of stockholders waiting the morning when Muffett kicks the can.

      What is Muffett problem with sharing the wealth! Some of you fools will response with O let the old fart invest for us so we "don't have to pay taxes." Don't you get the old bat has a problem coughing up .5B dollars in back taxes. No problem with the interest owed the IRS will soon add up to a solid $1 billion.

      I have no problme paying my taxes on dividends after all Buffett pays up from all the $$$ he makes from the million of stocks that pay dividends!

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      • nobleonetoo May 7, 2012 1:22 AM Flag

        I read the full details of the Omaha meeting. Buffet told investors he had doubled his profits - I believe on all but his insurance investments.

        We were up 6 cents after closing Friday - because the question and answer time for investors was skipped over as WB said he wanted lunch early <!!!> there must have been so much unrest in the audience that included people from Europe and Australia and New Zealand. Just to hear his words regarding one and half billion profits after traveling so far to attend and no chance to pose questions - would annoy anyone!

        Of course his dividends were enormous (ones earned on HIS investments) but not even a word of the possibility of a dividend for us.

        His statement about his health was to say he is in no danger - will be having one month radiation treatments as a precaution. Expects that will remove any future problems as was stated by his doctors.

        Cannot see any big jumps in either stock Monday.
        Just another day where Buffet gains in billions, and we look on wondering!!!!! As stated earlier, the Warren Buffet Company should have the motto - "One for all and all for one - and that one is Warren Buffet"

    • O.K. If you say so it must be true.

      Please tell me about Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
      It should be just as easy.

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