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  • buddhatrader buddhatrader May 7, 2012 1:33 PM Flag

    Time to sell Buffet's Ponzi again

    This is about all you are going to get from a fake buyout rumor that was never followed through on. Take one look at BRK's balance sheet. The idiots in charge sold 40 billion in exposure of puts on the stock market. BRK could go under at any time.

    Who runs their risk control? These people running this company are morons.

    If the market drops, BRK will death spiral.

    As for shorting, Maybe wait for the double top to finish. But if you own it, get out.

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    • You are as lost as a fart in a hurricane!!! Tough move ya made SHORTY!!!

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      • You should sell and prepare to short. I am never wrong about how this works. I will give you the same advice I did last time. The kings of the market, like myself declare BRK dead meat, which it is, thanks to an incredibly stupid thing Buffet did. We declare BRK is a short. The fools who think they run the market let their egos take over and think they are squeezing the kings as they add more longs. It is an ego thing, not a smart thing, or a money thing. They try to run the stock up because they think the kings will go away and not short. But the kings are not short yet. They wait for the ego trap to play out, then they short.

        I explained this many times. You should listen. You want to sell any moves up and get ready to short.

        The stupid thing Buffet did? He sold 40B in puts on the stock market. He made the same mistake his companies made with mortgages before they dumped. Buffet has sold stock market dump insurance.

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