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  • sharpclk430 sharpclk430 May 20, 2012 11:10 PM Flag

    All dogs go to hell

    In the case of non-beleivers they all go to hell. Buffett is going to Hell. He doesn't beleive in God so where else is he going.

    He acts like he is so freaking smart. I mean you have to have a certain IQ to become a good stock picker. The problem is that sometimes there are things beyond just smarts. God has a lot to do with it, and when I see people like buffett and others say well I can't prove God exhists makes me want to hit them with a lead pipe. Especially when they come from a religious background.

    Soros is going to the worst of all HElls. THis guy doesn't even want to talk about God, says its a waste of his time. LOL, when he realizes the truth it will be too late.

    Buffett is trying to play both sides. He wants to sit on the fence and hope he can pick both sides when it muits his needs. People who can't prove it one way or the other are going to hell. Thats because Faith means that you don;t know but you hope, beleive, want it to be true. Agnostics are little athiests so they are hell bound.

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    • Sad they may have it easy on earth but their time and place will be dealt in the after life. And the only reason they give to charity is for tax purposes not because of a soft heart.

      But you know what I nor you and anyone else can judge let that take place when their day comes up in front of our Lord!

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      • "But you know what I nor you and anyone else can judge let that take place when their day comes up in front of our Lord!"

        Then kindly explain how YOU can judge that "the only reason they give to charity is for tax purposes not because of a soft heart."

        Seems to me your bigotry is pushing you far away from salvation. And if you think charity is the product of a "soft heart" and not a human obligation, you must worship in a very strange church. Isaiah 58.

        Repent before it's too late!

        And your mind also seems to be in a bad place. Kindly explain your theory that giving away money is selfish.

    • I'll bet they give a far greater share of their income to charity than YOU do, notwithstanding your prentended piey.

      Your bigoted and ingnorant remarks only show you're unfit to shine their shoes!

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      • Buffett gives to Gates. Is that realy charity.
        Gates on the other hand has pledged 10 billion to help fight aids and yet at the same time any 7 year old can sit infront of a computer and type "SEX" and he'll get all the porn known to man in a split second. LOL...Its like saying a druglord supports AA advocacy.

        There is no responibility, especially in media and Net companies. Charity is just an excuse to get more attention. And besides the point going to Heaven/hell doesn't depend on charity as much as belief. With that then charity and so on ar factored in. I mean when was the last time you saw anyone infront of the camera proclaim they believe in God, while the non-beleevers are all over the place

        Eather way someon like Buffett that is from the heart surprises me that even he doesn't believe, nor is willing to tilt that way when asked infront of the camera.

    • It is my understanding that WEB is neither a theist, nor an atheist, he's agnostic.

      Since you're apparently a theist, help me out here.

      How many angels can dance on the point of a pin?

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