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  • kmacattack12 kmacattack12 Dec 13, 2012 5:21 PM Flag

    Buffett wants higher taxes!

    Warren just hasn't been bribing congress through lobbyists to make himself tax exempt. If Romney had won, he had cut a secret deal with Sheldon Adelson and promised to adopt Gingrich's plan to eliminate capital gains tax. Adelson promised he would kick in up to $100 Million to help the republicans. Actually, he ended up BLOWING $150 MILLION and was only able to elect ONE SENATOR, the republican Senator in Nevada who barely won. Adelson stood to gain $12.5 BILLION in tax breaks under Romney's plan, and Romney's own tax from 2011 would have dropped from $13.9 Million to about $80,000, because Romney was not paying hardly ANY INCOME TAX. He was able, through a loophole, to pay the 18% capital gains rate instead of the 36% starting rate, before deductions, exemptions, credits and loopholes, like his "Dancing Dressage hobby horse" which costs $230,000 per year to "maintain." If Adelson isn't paying that $12.5 Billion anymore, who do you think will be stuck with his tax bill? Also, he stood to have a likely criminal indictment for bribery dropped if Romney had won and appointed his own attorney general. David Stockman, Reagan's budget director, predicted a disaster if Reagan adopted the "Laffer curve" as his economic policy. Stockman was exactly right as is chronicled in his essay "HOW MY GOP DESTROYED THE US ECONOMY" I have been a fiscal conservative all my life, and that's why I no longer vote republican, among other reasons. The IDIOTS in the TEA Party are going to destroy what is left of the once sane republican party if the republicans fail to remove this CANCER within their midst.

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    • WEB wants the rich to pay higher taxes...except when it comes to his friends.

    • A fiscal conservitive my #$%$, you are a full blown Obama lover. Anyone with a halfabrain know that the housing bubble developed from the Barney Frank and pals plan to put every min. wage worker in the country in a home whether he could afford it or not, was what created the frenzy of bailing out wall street, initiated by Bush and picked up on the run by Obama. " When a majority of people are able to vote themselves favors and rewards, we are no longer a free country", we are there. For you to carry the 'left-wing-radical-idiots' banner proclaiming that dreadfull bunch of patriotic, law abiding, non-insulting, non-character assassination, folks referred to as the "tea-party" is what is wrong with this country shows how out of touch you are with our history.

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