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    • The last thing I want is a dividend. I just want them to continue to increase book value. That is all that matters to me.

    • I respect your desire for dividends... many people buy shares of stock wishing for income. It could be that at some point in the future, Berkshire may pay a dividend (long time board member Bill Gates, who is also Co-Chair of the foundation that will likely one day be Berkshire's largest shareholder has indicated as much), but that is a possibility for the future. As today's earnings report indicates, the firm continues to do an excellent job of adding value by retaining the earnings. Lets remember: Our company is about to start collecting a 9% dividend on 8 billion dollars of the Heinz deal (with the premium that those shares will be called back with, it will probably work out to closer to an effective 10%). That is a far superior return that we could have gotten individually had that money been given back to us in a dividend.

      I have been a shareholder of Berkshire for a number of years now, and continue to buy at these levels (just bought some more earlier this week in fact). I am very aware that being a Berkshire shareholder means certain things... not the least of which that dividends are not part of the deal right now. I am quite happy to let Warren Buffett and company allocate the money to continue to build perhaps the most remarkable corporate empire available in the stock market... the value tied into this company is truly astonishing, and growing.

      At some point, rates will go up... and when they do, the buy out prices will fall (venture capitalists won't be as competitive with Berkshire), and Berkshire will have plenty of cash coming in to make some very big acquisitions in the future...:)


    • No one wants a dividend in this stock. Them using the money to buy other companies and manage the cash themselves is a better return than what you would get yourself. No one wants a dividend, sell the stock if you want a stock with a dividend because it wont happen.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Sell covered calls and pocket the proceeds.

    • Just sell out and get out everyone's else's hair!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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