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  • nobleonetoo Apr 18, 2014 9:44 PM Flag

    Out of interest - on a holiday weekend-

    At what price do you believe Warren would condone a split on BRK-B?
    Any time would please me! This IS a great stock to own.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • its all psychological. but to note $33 seems to be a price most can get their heads around. companies who want their stocks to trade a lot like that #. but companies who want buy and hold investors, like brk , use high price to deter day tradeing and short selling.

    • I doubt this would ever split. Look at the A shares. This issue exists because the A-shares were going to be purchased and "split" by subordinate funds to allow participation in BRK. These shares were issued to prevent that from happening.

    • A split does nothing for you. All you wind up with is twice the amount of stock at 1/2 the price. At one time splits were yo keep the stock affordable for the smaller investors, but there aren't many of them right now.

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      • Actually the B shares did split to allow it in the S&P 500. I had 3 shares, it split and now I have 150. If it got too expensive for the S&P, it could split again. Part of the requirements of the 500 is it has to be affordable. What is that requirement? I'm not sure. One of the reason for going into the S&P was so mutual funds had to buy along with index funds, plus allowing smaller investors to buy. If you look at IBM and GS in the past, they were well over $200. So if I had to guess, 500 per share could maybe make them split. Maybe not. Like the one post mentioned, a split does nothing for you.

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