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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 21, 2013 9:29 PM Flag

    Intense PR Damage Control Means Kullman Koolant Is In Trouble!

    Vicious Personal Smear Campaign Waged By DuPont Reps & Shills On the Net To Divert Attention from Yet Another Troubled DuPont "Innovation"! Imprelis, Tell Us!

    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Konichiwa,

    Readers, when the sleazy representatives of DuPont, avowed DuPont employees and masked operatives and rabid supporters, ramp up their vile ad hominem attacks on independent commentators, you know they are hiding something. In recent days, the attempts to stamp out open and frank discussion amongst investors by launching repetitive, off-topic personal attacks over the net means the Kullman Koolant for car A/C (DuPont/Honeywell HFO-1234yf) is under considerable pressure, in our opinion.

    One proponent for DuPont Management even attacked Daimler-Benz for not re-designing its cars to accommodate the potentially dangerous DuPont Kullman Koolant inside! He implies defective design by the car-maker is the problem, not the putatively defective design of the hydrogen fluoride-based Koolman Koolant which has been shown to explode in an extremely toxic fireball in a serious crash in independent testing by the KBA in Germany. Never mind, Daimler makes some of the safest cars on the planet, and driver and passenger SAFETY is their polestar.

    DuPont execs are running scared and scarred on the Koolman Koolant, folks. For one thing, the highly questionable Kullman Koolant with its potential for mega legal liability will weigh heavily downward on any price ultimately fetched for the about-to-be-dumped DuPont Performance? Chemicals.

    Merely the evening comments and opinion of one individual retail investor and long-time student of the deceiving, ill-conceiving DuPont...funfun..

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    • Readers, by now you may have noticed the cynical and sleazy strategy of these proponents for DuPont Management: isolate and neutralise Daimler-Benz!

      One viciously retaliating advocate for DuPont Management dishonestly claims the problem of the Kullman Koolant belongs entirely to Dailmer-Benz and their particular design of car. What this DuPont shill doesn't tell you of course, is fully a third of the global new car market has rejected the potentially dangerous Kullman Koolant for car A/C. As a matter of fact, the Chairman of VW was quite publicly vocal as to his reservations. In addtion, BMW has renounced the Kullman Koolant.

      You will note that none of the vile-talking shills for DuPont Management will answer the question why did DuPont's "world-class" engineers and scientists start with a medley of chemical ingredients to dream up the Kullman Koolant which have been shown in independent and impartial KBA testing to be capable of exploding into an extremely toxic hydrogen fluoride fireball under critical crash conditions. Another fine example of DuPont's SHAM SAFETY.

      Whom do these fakers in the Fortress think they are fooling?


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      • Readers & Investors, for the life of us, we cannot make any sense out of the rambling piffle of this patently obvious advocate for DuPont Management. VW and BMW, he wants you to believe have only mild "concern" over the Kullman Koolant. Not true. Both VW and BMW have roundly rejected the Kullman Koolant for their new cars!

        Oh, and one more thing, notice this shill refuses to answer the question why did DuPont's pseudo scientists start off with hydrogen fluoride, which is even more deadly to humans than even hydrogen cyanide! It's bad enough it can instantaneously eat your windshield glass; think of your lungs.

        After the Daimler and KBA tests, which this nasty surrogate for DuPont Management smears and belittles, maybe it should be renamed the Kullman Killer Koolant. You think?

        Bottom-line, we certainly will take the word of the Chairman of VW and Daimler executives and engineers over the word of the sneaky Management of the DuPont Company, which has covertly delivered to the bodies of millions of women, men and children the extraordinarily toxic, cancer-causing Teflon chemical C8 or PFOA. We won't even mention the highly toxic Imprelis dandelion herbicide which has killed over $2 billion in mature landscaping trees across the country, triggering tens of thousands of costly claims pending in numerous federal and state courts.


      • Nice try at distortion funfundvierzig. Let's tell everyone here what I really said minus your usual funfun filter shall we?
        You say I claim the "problem of the Kullman Koolant belongs entirely to Dailmer-Benz and their particular design of car." The truth is I said the fact Daimler reported the only problem so far is evidence that something about their autos, like design, is a contributing factor to the test failure. Big difference isn’t it folks? It's easy enough to check my previous messages if funfundvierzig was interested. He'd rather just try to lie and distort instead as usual. I hope for safety sake Daimler’s looking at their design to figure out why their cars are the only ones showing a problem so far with this coolant.
        We've also been through the VW and BMW issue before. Expressing "concern" about the product is not the same as having hard test data showing it fails in those vehicles. Where is that data funfundvierzig? Nothing's been released to date. Why didn't KBA release their test results to the public? It makes it look like they’re trying to hide something don’t you think?
        The real question is why funfundvierzig conveniently ignores evidence that contradicts his posts about coolant. The answer to that one is easy. It undercuts his ability to bash DD or promote his anti-DD agenda. As does criticisms here from the rest of us. That’s why he’s so focused on coolant. Critic replies nix his contrived “independent blogger and reporter in search of the truth” image.

    • Newer Readers, one of the dirty PR tricks pulled by these proudly self-disclosed DuPont employees and DuPont shills operating on the net is to pretend that all criticism and independent scrutiny of DuPont and its products comes from a single, solo blogger. The unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp will stoop to any lie or fraud to advance the cause of DuPont execs and promote this corrupt Delaware conglomerate.

      For the record we consistently sign all our posts as "funfun" under our long established I.D. "funfundvierzig".

      Finally, why in the world would the management of the prestigious and reputable Honeywell get mixed up with such an unethical crowd in the dwarf state of Delaware? Imprelis, Tell Us! This Kullman Koolant partnership will not likely and ultimately redound to an abundant benefit for HON shareholders. Merely our opinion....funfun..

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