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  • anti_bs_guy anti_bs_guy Aug 23, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    BREAKING NEWS: Coolant “Burns” Basher! Team Funfun Under Siege!

    Shill News Network (SNN)- 8/23/13: Longtime DuPont basher Funfundvierzig (a.k.a., Mr. Fun), appearing verbally battered, bloodied, and bruised after several days of major set-backs on the DD and HON boards, released a statement late yesterday afternoon on the DD board indicating that he’d take his anti-DD propaganda concerning the new DD-HON coolant product to chat boards of major automakers. The announcement was apparently prompted by severe damage to his credibility and image as an “independent blogger and reporter”, largely self-inflicted with some assistance by shills led by poster Ag_amem_mon. Mr. Fun had sought unsuccessfully to use the coolant as his most recent issue to bash DuPont, but the plan backfired as the university-educated basher once again underestimated critics and their response. Shill tactics in this case focused on both Mr. Fun’s coolant propaganda and his faux image as an “independent blogger and reporter in search of the truth”. The tactic proved highly effective in flummoxing the basher, who quickly terminated his unrelated monologues on the DOW, MMM, SMG, and SYT boards and activated his Fan_of_funfun (i.e., Mr. Fan) alias in a futile effort to focus his attention on the coolant topic. Shills relentlessly battered both Mr. Fun and Mr. Fan with facts, evidence, and questions for days on end, effectively countering his propaganda while exposing hypocrisy, inaccuracies, distortions, and lies in his statements that simply overwhelmed the basher and his G.E.D.-educated alias. Unconfirmed reports indicated that alias Mr. Fan was temporarily institutionalized for treatment of a fractured ego as a result of the encounters.
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    • Con’t from previous post
      In the aftermath of Mr. Fun’s announcement, poster Ag_amem_mon indicated on the DD board that Mr. Fun should expect NO cessation of shill activities in light of these developments. The DD board remained quiet last night save for the creation of a new Mr. Fun alias named “Ag_amenn_mon” who, together with Mr. Fun’s well-known alias “Srnart” (a.k.a., Señor Nart), unsuccessfully attempted to persuade readers that anyone actually supported Mr. Fun. Attempts to contact Mr. Fun last night for additional comment were unsuccessful. Shill observers stationed near East-hore’s Bar, a favorite watering hole of the basher, reported the place dark and locked down with the blinds drawn, save for a single lighted room on the second floor. A shadow gliding back and forth across the closed blind indicative of a little man clearly pacing worriedly provided the only measure of activity, consistent with earlier shill analyses concluding FUNFUNDVIERZIG IS UNDER SIEGE! Stay tuned for further reports and news from “BUNKER FUNFUN” UNDER SIEGE as developments occur.

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