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  • xit_wounds xit_wounds Aug 29, 2013 1:57 PM Flag


    With all due respect, what exactly is your motive behind the HUNDREDS of cut-and-pastings from original articles on the subject on many different boards?
    Anybody interested in the subject can search-out the topic
    I am starting to think that you do not care much for DuPont...LOL

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    • Good to see you are still on your crusade.
      In our consolidated press environment dissenting,and almost canary stance is quite welcome.
      I own la little hon. Long ago I listened partially to you and got rid of DD bought some dow and of late dumped them too. My interest had been ultra light materials and battery chemistry but neither was engaged.
      Done well with Hon and ws contemplating adding to my position.

    • Readers, this heckler with the I.D., xit_wounds, has only made five postings in an entire year. He has never contributed anything of substance, or any information to this HON board or any other Yahoo! board. Suddenly, he demands an invasion of our privacy! Looks like a shill on PR damage patrol for DuPont Management to us. Maybe he's frantic to prop up the Kullman Koolant, which is increasingly fanning the fears of consumers, not to mention a number of automotive industry leaders. ..funfun..

    • xit_wounds, What is your motivation for the off-topic, if not hostile personal probe?? Are you shilling for DuPont Management? What is your agenda here, and what business is it of yours how often or where an investor posts, and the content of comments?

      Our independent comments and opinions here in case you haven't noticed in the course of your personal investigation and internet monitoring are most germane to HON shareholders, of which the undersigned is one. Honeywell, unfortunately is a major partner to DuPont in an increasingly problematic venture, where hundreds of $millions are at stake.

      For your information, our commentaries are not, repeat NOT cut-and-pastings from original articles as you falsely charge. Our comments are our original comments and thoughts, like it not.

      Readers, the undersigned has been intensely targeted and harassed with all manner of threats and abuse by avowed DuPont employees and masked agents shilling for DuPont Management for daring to raise questions on the risk endemic to what is being touted by DuPont's dissimulating executives as yet "another great DuPont Innovation", the Kullman Koolant.


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