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  • bimmyboris bimmyboris Jan 21, 2011 4:19 PM Flag

    Citron bashed CHBT today, CVVT next?


    Those criminals have discovered that they can freely 'short and bas' as long as they keep pumping under the table payments into the SEC. So, they are attacking all small cap Asian stocks. One at a time. CVVT or CCME may be next. Get ready.

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    • CHBT dropped because of an article in a newspaper in China claiming CHBT is a fraud

    • I'd love to see this company much lower then that, I missed couple of opportunities last year when the bashers were bashing.Every next time bashers are more creative and the price dropping lower than previous.I decided not to waist it this time starting buying in small quantities around $7. Now I'll be buying on every deep.I've done exactly the same with SBAY till it drop to $6.You can read SBAY massage board from November when the shorts attacked that small cap -obamysmummy is one of the bashers.Shouting exactly the same about fraud, management schemers, all the dirty tricks.We complained to the SEC- nothing been done.Possible you may be right about the SEC. Good think about it when they attack all the Asian stocks they eliminate companies like Rino and solid companies are coming back big with greater return. follow the bashers who are involved in this attacks, they use more then one ID pretending the concerned investors, asking idiotic questions and answering themselves.I was watching several companies before they where attacked.I didn't invest in Rino even to use the momentum up after big drop.I invest only in solid companies, the bashing eventually will stop and after there is only one way Up.
      I sold SBAY with good profit, but will buy in again soon, at the moment I'm concentrated on CVVT

    • I agree about bashing and shorting Chinese small caps being a great gig for some short sellers. Prime candidates are those who came to public existence by means of reverse mergers and those whose accountant is "Frost." I do not think that any "under the table" payments are made to the SEC, though. This is a big accusation. Options play a big part in these scams. Look at the open interest on Jan 7.50 puts and on Feb 7.50 puts. Looks like they take large bearish positions prior to revealing their "research." CVVT is not doing a good enough job of defending itself against the shorts. CCME, another Chinese company, was being attacked also, and look what happened with the stock price: it tripled in a few months on the heels of a massive share buyback. If CVVT is, in fact, to earn .31 in Q4 and .27 in Q1 - they need to be wise with the $$$ and stay away from acquisitions. High cash per share will spook the shorts. I am not buying into the Citron "Research" story, and any price below $7 is a steal.

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      • ... so my theory is that the stock made a big move to the upside because quite a few Jan $7.5 options finished Friday in the money. Investors who were long these puts are short the stock, but they are forced to buy it back by day end today. This is a form of a short squeeze, in other words. This is only a theory since there is no way to tell how these put holders were hedged, etc.

    • (Attacked as in short-sell bear attack with innuendo in research reports and huge short sell with immediate cover)

    • cvvt has already been attacked, what makes you think it would be worth attacking again so soon, when the weak longs are out & strong earnings reports are coming out in a few weeks & lots of analysts have re-affirmed the stock?

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