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  • not_a_short not_a_short Dec 17, 1999 12:54 PM Flag

    Why is PETM going down?

    The PETM sale of the UK business is great news
    and yet the stock is not going up. I wonder if PETM
    did some "selective disclosure" to their favorite
    analysts like they did last quarter with the earnings
    warning. I hope not. I realize that many had hoped this
    would occur, but it was by no means a sure thing.
    Volume has dropped too. It's very suspicious to me.

    This news should have lifted PETM.


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    • I knew I wouldn't express myself exactly right,
      but YES, a whale does NOT eat the creatures on its
      back, and that is why those creatues THRIVE. That is
      the analogy I am trying to make, whale =
      institutions, backdwellers = day traders.

      Of course if
      the whale beaches itself, those poor little guys are
      in trouble, but if they react in time, and get the
      heck off, they could probably still survive. It helps
      a lot when the whale finds fertile feeding grounds
      (eg. stock market in 80's and 90's), and moves merrily
      along. But then, there's always them pesky whale

    • Your analogy is wrong. Whales don't eat the
      creatures on their back, they eat plankton. A better
      analogy would be buying a bunch of tropical fish, some
      nice community fish, and a few big aggressive ones.
      They both seem to do well for a while. Then, some of
      the nice community fish disappear. These are the day
      traders. As my daughter has asked "Where did the fish go?"
      The answer is always the same, "They went to fish


    • With your math background, you certainly must
      appreciate naturally occuring phenomena and their
      relationship to math.

      As I see it, you need look no
      further than the mighty gray whale to find a good
      mathematical analogy to day-trading. Lots of creatures feed
      off the backs of whales. The whales lumber gracefully
      through the water, and other creatures zip in and out,
      making a living. Some even ride on the back, and the
      whale could care less.

      The majority of the stock
      market capital supply comes from the big, lumbering
      whales, who move in big, sweeping motions that are
      evident to those who watch closely. A successful
      daytrader can zip in and out several times, taking small
      bites that wouldn't satisfy the appetite of a big

      Of course they can get burnt, but just as they excel
      at taking small percentage profits, they can also
      limit their losses effectively too.

      I don't
      think it is fair to characterize the day-traders as
      gamblers, seems to me they work awefully hard at figuring
      out what games they're going to play. I wish I had
      the time and temperament to join 'em!

    • advice!! RR2K

    • I think anything under 4 3/4 would be a good place to start buying. Key would being "Start." As or if we go lower add to the position.

    • you still think it will be in the 4.25 to 4.75
      range ..or lower ? Will we see a slow climb back after
      the 1st of the year ( barring any major news of
      course!)? I think you said you would get back in... in the
      range mentioned above? RR2K

    • Yes, PETM will trade in the 6-9 range with-in the
      next 3-6 months. Just have to weather some
      institutional and tax loss selling here in the next week which
      will create a buying opportunity here. Take advantage
      of it.

    • predict this stock will be in the 6 to 9 range in 3 to 6 months. Did you not? Do you still feel that way ? RR2K

    • I think you are the only one having a painful
      lesson here buy holding on to PETM from where you bought
      at 8-9-10 or what ever. TA told me that the short
      term trendline was broken and that we would go down.
      Well, imagine that. What are we trading at now? 4 3/4
      and will go lower. I saved myself 15-20% by selling
      at 5 5/8. Again, open your mind to some TA or
      continue on your reckless path of being the only one left
      holding the bag.
      For those of you that said that
      there was institutional buying. Well, guess again.
      Paine Webber seemed to have got the ball rolling by
      selling today. Now it`s Goldman on the offer. My price
      target to buy again was 4 1/4-3/4. Looks like in the
      next week buying it under 4 1/2 will not be a problem.

    • How does Value Line do it?

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