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Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. Message Board

  • dollars2b_had dollars2b_had Jul 11, 2006 9:39 AM Flag

    Nice day for a walk...

    Down...They are losing thier sales force...because there is nothing to sell...Sure they are sitting on cash...Key word there is "Sitting".

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    • Agreed Pin, people forget to take responsibility on their own investment. Everyday there are thousands of opinions on different stock and market. It is up to an individual to invest their money the way he/she see it. It make no sense to blame anyone for their loss (or gain for that matter).

    • oooh, I get it - you chase me around like a mad little girl and make up lies about me because you are happy with yourself?

      you think that the share # increase when the price was at 70$ was not meant for a split?

      I see why you never post a fact or useful opinion because you don't have any.

      Hell, if i want to have a conversation with someone on this board about substantial NBIX issues then what is your job?

      You cannot offer an opinion or bring any interesting facts to light and you spend your time calling me names.

      I think it is obvious that you really must be quite bitter with the spanking I gave you on DAL board. Just swallow your pride and get over it. If you want to talk NBIX with me then fine, if not then maybe you give up on your smear campaign because it just looks like sour grapes because I got DAL right and you probably got stopped out on your position when it went up 200% in a couple of months

    • =====it seems pretty crazy doesn't it - to have someone chasing you around on message boards while rewriting your entire history and then calling you a liar

      Blame yourself, it seems every time I check out the msg board of distressed securities because I like to feast on bottomfeeders thinking "what goes down must come back up" and convince themselves to believe they're being "contrarian", I see the same phony--that would be you--posting drivel.

      =====yawn - he probably got killed on DAL and thinks it was myfault he couldn't read the tea leaves - if he was not stopped out on his trade on DAL and didn't lose everything

      Yup, try to convince yourself I must've lost $ instead of netting 100% on DAL if it that makes you feel better, I know you wish great ill on me for highlighting your incompetence. A shame.

      =====I doubt he would still be chasing me around

      You don't get it. I mock you because you're an incompetent phony. Thusfar I've seen you recommended/theorized

      * NBIX buy back stock

      * NBIX must've increased share outstanding in preparation for a split

      * posted whole treatises on how drugs sell themselves (a wonder PFE and MRK and BMY and everyone haven't come knocking on your door for advise on downsizing their sales force eh?)

      * posted whole missives calculating value per share based on some childish understanding of pharma sales force assuming PFE has 5400 ppl in the field (which's only off by 100s of %) then you divide and do some other juvenile middle school math to "determine" how many people are needed to sell indiplon.

      To say your investment "ideas" are juvenile is insulting juveniles everywhere. You're a bottom feeding amateur that invests in every biotech/energy stock that dropped a bunch, then hope to luck out. Considering the 8hrs/day you spend copying & pasting here and your own laughably bad prose, I suspect you likely also have a deficient social life and grades out as mediocre at a 2nd-tier med school somewhere.

      To your credit, your lack of social life does seem to give you a lot of free time to copy & paste/plagiarize articles as your own original research, not to mention formulating comical noob conjectures of your own.

      Truth hurts eh?

      I know to be politically correct I should have sympathy for your social issues, unfortunately I enjoy exposing you more b/c you're such an insecure phony. I recommend you get used to it as long as you continue to post drivel to troll for recs.

      Have a good weekend. Don't post too much, hope you get to go out and get some beer or something like normal people with a life.

    • it seems pretty crazy doesn't it - to have someone chasing you around on message boards while rewriting your entire history and then calling you a liar

      yawn - he probably got killed on DAL and thinks it was myfault he couldn't read the tea leaves - if he was not stopped out on his trade on DAL and didn't lose everything I doubt he would still be chasing me around

    • as I have said before when I was in DAL it went from the 3's to 8 - i had shares and options

      in DAL you shot your mouth off - you were dead wrong in the short and medium term - and I was right and made a nice mutliple of the original investment

      you didn't listen to me on DAL - your short probably got stopped out and you lost all of your cash

      so you didn't listen to me and got kicked in the teeth - so you follow me around on YMB's calling me a liar

      time for you to grow up and just admit I was right on DAL and you were wrong - better luck next time

      ** next time you make up some more lies about me you should have a fact or two - and remember that options have much larger leverage than common shares ** -

      remember when you post on this board tried to post something relevant about NBIX otherwise you are just wasting everyones time

    • since you could not answer current ratio lets try to get you to answer an easier question thaum_yk.

      How would you define the debt to equity ratio? What does that look like for Neurocrine versus other biotechs? Read this sloooooowwwwwlyyy to understand and compensate for your shitty financial skills.

    • PIN- just ignore this guy, his sole purpose on this board is to bash you personally. The only reason for this is jealousy...there can be no other explanation. He gains nothing by attacking you, except a rather sick pleasure from thinking he hurt someone he is jealous of.

    • =====you must really be bitter that you didn't listen to me and got kicked in the face by DAL - bottom line you were wrong and it blew up in your face

      yup I'm really bitter about my 100% gain. Guess what, since it's about to be a terminal short I haven't even had to pay one cent in tax yet.

      =====like i said before I would have been happier to sell my DAL shares at 8 after buying them at 3 and change - but i didn't until I saw that oil prices were not dropping despite rapidly increasing inventories

      Hmm, previously you posted:
      "DAL - bought 2+ -----> sold avg 6.5"
      Can't keep your lies straight like with ABRX and ELN eh?

      You posted the majority of your ELN shares were in the 7s. Then elsewhere you claim you rode it 3 to 18, so which is it? Probably neither.

      =====so I wasn't completely out until early april - but the DAL 2.5 call options paid off handsomely

      Yeah you turned tails and ran in February. As for your supposed winnings, probably BS like the rest of your lies such as ABRX 0.6. DAL 3 bagger. ELN 3-18 etc.

      =====hell if I had enron from 10 to 60 you would call it a bust on my part and not a 600% gain

      You got that inspiration from my riding DAL ~4.8 average -> BK and you want to insist somehow you were right on DAL and shorts were wrong?

      =====bottom line is you provide no input to the NBIX board - you got smashed by the rapid recovery in DAL - so you chase me around like a pimple faced 14 year old girl calling me a liar

      bottom line is you and the sheep provide nothing but idiotic cheeerleading to the NBIX board - you got smashed by the BK in DAL, so you go around inflating your fantasy gains and pretend to be some stock guru to compensate for your insecurities and inferiority complex.

      ====if you have facts and opinions about NBIX then spill em - if not them just grow up

      could not have said it better myself.

      ====remember that once indiplon is sorted out and NBIX is much higher I will also say it was a big gainer - you will probably tell me that it wasn't and that I bought at 70 -

      where have I heard know-nothing conjectures like that before....oh right DAL and ABRX

      ====you should realize that no matter how long you chase me or how many names you called me that head to head I am 1 - 0 against you about to make it 2-0 - so just quit being a sore loser

      Let me see:
      * me: shorted DAL from avg 4.8 -> will be 0
      * you: started buying somewhere in the 4s at the latest (though first you claimed it was in the 2s, then you just claimed in the 3s)...refused to sell in the 8s and advised your sheep to "remember AMR" and do the same, still held tight to your shares in late February and now said you stuck around till April.

      You're 1-0 alright, 1-0 in lying and stupidity and being unable to keep your fantasy gains straight.

      p.s. take some finance classes, tell some of your sheep like the mba guy to do the same. Maybe then you won't post stupidity such as NBIX stock buyback or they must've increased # of shares in prepartion for a split.

    • norwegian

    • I actually think that percentage of investable capital is the best indicator about how strongly an opinion is held.

      If pin has 100 shares but that represents 75% percent of his investable capital, his confidence must be high.

      If he owns 100,000 shares but it's only 5% of his holdings, then it's not as important to him.

      The criteria you listed would allow you to judge performance, but without knowing how much it means to him, it's difficult to judge his interest.


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