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  • nmilasc nmilasc May 28, 2010 10:09 AM Flag


    where to next boyz........NVAX maybe?

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    • I think youre right too. But for daytradrs (short or long) once the volume drys up, it usually gets boring and they leave. take sprint for example (S)...I shorted it last week, but covered basically even as it didnt seem it was going to move lower...but 3 days later, it started to fall. So, wether youre long or short, it pays to be patient.

    • Bump. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. With the power its showing Im thinking we will regress to 3.50 and hold that area until the next run up.

      Longs prepare to load up.

      Shorts you still have room IMHO.

    • it takes TWO to tango,,,,,,,,,so if Gorman & Co don't want to sell and there are several company's wanting to way to execute a buy-out for that big pharma who wants to buy NBIX.

    • Just saying, why pay so much for a slice of the pie and not the whole pie?


    • onebit

      don't talk so dumb.

    • """" But the thing with the market is that you have to leave your emotions out of it.""""

      Agree with this. Son I've been in the market for about 40 years now.

      I know every trick in the book.

      Like I said cover your short, quit screwing around and trade this thing like I'm doing.

      Get long at the first drop or your gonna wish you did.

      Look me up on the IV board and you will get the message I'm not just a core holder with this thing.

      In fact I'm probably the only person in this stock making any money.

      As far as helping baby sit you with more facts, sorry son I'm done now your on your own.

    • Hey I think you are wrong. I think sometime very soon someone tries to buy the entire company for $8-12 per share. It would be a steal.

    • Lloyd you dummy.

      The market makers haven't really moved the stock much here in the last 4-5 months.

      Cause the market makers are collecting stock for those large holders.

      The move comes with the signing of the partner.

      This little $1.30 move is nothing compared to whats coming and the timing could easily happen at a least expected timing.

      All it takes is for just one of them to decide to quit screwing around and place the can't resist bid.

      Btw, read Seeking Aplha conference call Q1 & Q2 carefully.

      As I said earlier your gonna get nailed.

    • It IS the MMs that determine the price, not the largest holders. If it was the holders that had the power to move a stock, Im sure it would be much higher. Statements like that imply you really dont get how the market really works. No matter, Im not trying to change your mind, just having a debate. But if youre up to it, tell me how the holders determine the price rather than the market makers?

    • If Im wrong, Im wrong....It hasnt been the first time. But the thing with the market is that you have to leave your emotions out of it. I truely do work running clinical trials, so I understand beter than most how things work behind the scene. I have to play by the rules the way I see it, and playing what I see here without having personal feelings about the company. Ultimately, its the market makers that determine the price, and I am amazed by them keeping it at $4. There has to be a reason. I have already made $5k trading this and reshorted it Friday at $4.14, so Im still ahead, but I will be stepping away soon, as you only trade while there is volume to create the swings in prices. I have no doubt the companyy will do good going forward, but for me, its all about making the money while I can. I dont get mad at people with different opinions, just the ones who are arrogant and stupid, and are unwilling to look at things from a different perspective. If there were someone to give me facts that would change my opinion, that would be great. If there is a company that I really follow, Im often short and long depending on the point in time and where the price is. Its not about long term goals, but short. But you being 56yrs old, you have the time to wait, and your comfortable doing it that way. Good luck, and Im sure Ill run into you in the future.

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