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  • ilikebigbutts999 ilikebigbutts999 Jun 3, 2010 10:19 AM Flag

    10 dollar gap to fill, no resistence

    I said it earlier, the gap will be filled at 10 dollars

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    • Well, exactly. In the past on message boards, I've found some of the most rewarding conversations to be with people on the other side of the fence.

    • No problem. Its just I feel that name calling comes into play when there is $$$ on the line and that person isnt doing as well as they want. The both of you stay calm and talk it out, not holding grudges on differences of opinions. In the long run, we are all here to make money. I use the analogy of roulette. If youre betting black, you dont get mad at the ones betting red? Stocks go up and down, and we all just try to catch the appropriate wave.

    • Thank you.

    • Once again, where is there any proof of this happening??? and why cant it be just legal shorting? Youre the dumbazz who is obviously pissed that you suck at trading, and cant see the signs right in front of your face.

    • I stand corrected on my last post saying movin_on was the only one to have a good conversation....good job lloobee_4

    • Why would I walk away because the "cards are marked"? Im making money off that fact....and most of the times, the cards are always marked. If I were to walk away, I just wouldnt be in the market. But you claims about naked shorting is bogus. I shorted through TDAmeritrade. Are you saying that NAKED shorting. Why cant it be all legal shorting. Youre the dumbazz, as you cant even put up a good argument. The only one on here worth having an educated conversation is movin_on.

    • your simply an idiot. naked shorting is an illegal activity, same as insider trading. scum of the earth people not smart enough to invest/trade in a legal fashion. you're the dumbass....

    • Claims of naked shorting usually appear when people are losing. Either short term bets that didn't work out, or long term bets that turned out to be boiler room operations. Is it a coincidence that the biggest clamour of "it's naked shorters!" came from CMKM diamonds (may have got the acronym wrong) and USXP ?

      Anyway, there are much bigger scams out there than shorting stocks. Government bonds for a starter - why did Germany *need* to introduce that rule ? Things that'll tank not just your portfolio, but almost everyone's. Things that'll bankrupt your local government.

      It's much easier to blame someone else cheating than one's own bad judgement. But - I always say:

      "Good judgement comes from experience - experience comes from bad judgements". I've never shorted, but bear the shorts no malice (my aversion is to any form of margin trading, where one can be forced to abandon a long-term position). I've ridden DSCO down into the dirt, into the sky, and back down into the dirt again - because it has shit management, not because of shorts.

      So if you bought at 5 bucks, take your knocks and hold on. Or leave, if you think you've been cheated. But the last three days have seen my bio stocks collapse horribly - the better the news the worse the collapse - the only one I sold was the one that *didn't* go down in value - so I could buy some more unfairly battered stock and wait for the recovery.

    • If you really believe the cards are marked, then walk away from the table, Dumbazz... Funny how the naked shorting theories dry up when the pps is rising.

      "my issue is with the ILLEGAL activity of naked short selling of stocks. this is a CRIMINAL offense that is not being prosecuted."

    • Why do you say he (or implying it) was naked short selling? I shorted it last week and made money, and I am short now making money. Do you realize that a lot of short activity is from the market makers? and they can naked short to maintain the price fluctuation of a stock? i think it sucks the way the MMs can manipulate, but it is al legal within thier relm of thier job purpose.

      So what is your issue with what he said exactly? Or are you just pissed that you felt like everyone else, that we would/should be at $6 by now and is looking more like the high $3s will be here first?

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