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  • frogsleapmerlot frogsleapmerlot Dec 4, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    forgetabout short term $12 PPS, Yesterdays CC

    typing with left hand have tendinitis in right arm.

    the earliest we see E for Endo is october but most likly december.

    VMAT is a 2015 event and kevi gave us a bunch of mombo jumbo on current and pending P2b results

    IMO their is lonterm value but the timimg of positive P3 E results leaves this stock vunerable to trading down on any significant mkt sell-off.

    short term upside is thru may/june trading is around $12 PPS

    given our recent highs upwards towards $17, the stock is going to have resistance above $12 PPS

    tough slog over the summer even with E p2b for UF reading out like July/august

    would not be a buyer above $10 as we could see $7's in a mkt sell-off really want to say $6's but $7 has value written on it.

    I have a core position but its all $3/$4/$5 stock so I will hold for the ride. everbody knows I trade the stock outside my core position. I don't hold my traders long buy in multiple lots and get $.50 cents up and i'm out.

    the future is cloudy as VMAT is up in the air and just a reminder to those who have been here from the Idiplon days and Pfizer!!!!! Abbvie has srewed around with the P3 trial patient population size and the timelines have slipped and slipped and that makes every investor nervous including myself.

    there are several posts on the investor village mmssg board draw your own conclusions on their confusied state of mind. some, seem to hate management but love the stock .........

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    • Thanks for that post. I feel exactly the same way. I don't know why Neurocrine even bothered with the update as there really wasn't an update. I basically learned that there will be no news for a good while. I'm not sure how I feel about the additional dose in the UF trial. Like you say, Abbvie has screwed around a bit. Didn't they even through an estrogen blocker or agonist into the mix at some point? I can't recall.

      Anyway, I decided to exit for now and will look to enter if we hit that $7 mark you mentioned. I'm not happy with what I heard was confusing to say the least.

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