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  • Woodie_UK Woodie_UK Mar 4, 1998 6:08 AM Flag

    Acquisition announced at 4pm!

    I guess we can expect some big volumes and (hopefully) upward pressure when things open today, following NBIX's announcement at the bell yesterday. Can anyone elaborate on which of NBIX's programs are most enhanced by the NNL technology?

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    • Reading all the messages about nbix. Please know
      what you have invested in. Products are still years
      away and this is a long term hold. Dont expect to make
      money on short term movements. The real story here is
      a) strong new technology b) several collaborations
      with big pharma that bring not only cash but
      validation of the technology, c) so much cash from
      collaborations that their expenses are covered each of the past
      two years and they actually showed a profit with no
      sales (unheard of in biotech) d) an extremely strong
      cash position of nearly $80mm that is there for them
      in invest ( the one critisicm i have is i wish they
      would do something with that cash).e) an extermely
      bright and capaable management team led by a CEO who was
      head of Business Devlp at Genentech and understandfs
      this industry as well as anyone. The risks of biotech
      are still there but they have covered them as well as
      any compoany I know. Until Phase III data come is,
      there will be no significant movement outside the
      market as is the case with all biotech. Buy for the long
      term!!! Movements between 7 and 10 will go on for a
      couple of years but if you want to 3x+ ytour money this
      is one of the places to place a bet

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      • Thanks for your view, I agree. I would be interested to know, are you an investment person or scientist. Just curious, I'm guessing researcher?

      • I think you did a great job covering all the
        major points concerning NBIX and your info. will be
        helpful for people who are not real familiar with NBIX or
        there specific studies. It would be nice to pique a
        little interest in this board.
        For what its worth,
        I've made some decent money buying this stock between
        $7 and $8, then turning around and selling between
        $10 and $11.
        It's my experience the money to be
        made on biotechs is made on news releases which causes
        upward momentum. For example, how many years will it be
        before ENMD will see $85/sh. again? Their one day move
        was based upon a news release. Another example which
        I have personal experience in is IMNR in 1991. They
        were a new Biotech with a famous scientist on their
        research team (Dr. Jonas Salk). Early in 1991 I purchased
        this stock for $4/sh. News was released that the FDA
        was going to expedite approval of IMNR's HIV
        therapeutic and the stock shot up to over $60/sh. in the 4th
        Q. of 1991. The FDA decided against expedited review
        and the stock has been dropping ever since. There are
        many more examples.
        Therefore by purchasing stock
        in companies similar to NBIX at $8/sh. which has
        much more potential to increase from $8 than to
        decline, you are giving yourself a better chance to find
        the next ENMD or IMNR while limiting your risk.

    • What announcement are you referring to? I haven't found any new announcements by the company. Also what is NNL technology? I'm not sure that I've heard of it.


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      • ...Northwest Neurologic, Inc., a privately-held company. It is in Portland (hence "Northwest", eh?), and is associated with the Oregon Health Sciences University and Vollum Institute. The details are available at Neurocrine's website ( Click "Investor Relations", then "Press Releases".

        Not surprising that NBIX dropped today in wake of the news (if anyone saw it, that is), since the acquisition will involve the issuing of $4.2 million in additional shares.

        Best wishes,

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