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  • lelim lelim May 21, 1998 10:42 AM Flag

    OT to InvestorMD, ShaharAvi

    Sorry to go looking for you here. I'm trying to
    engage in genuine discussion about TTNP, but the TTNP
    board will be useless until the KingFINE hypesters get
    bored and leave. Are either of you two still hanging
    around this board? Thanks.

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    • Hey lelim, it's been awhile. I took a much needed
      rest from the investing world to work on a couple of
      other projects. It looks like the biotech landscape has
      remained relatively unchanged since I was last here. I'm
      very focused on TTNP and am considering taking a heavy
      position soon. The delay in the initiation of the phase II
      cancer trials has me slightly concerned, but nothing
      major. Iloperidone is my true love and I think it
      absolutely justifies buying at these levels. So what do you
      think about IPIC? The price is very attractive, but I'm
      not budging until the other Redux studies are in.
      Investor anxiety might knock it down another notch and
      I'll consider buying in at that point. If the Redux
      studies are again positive I'll buy in heavily. Pagaclone
      is just too interesting and holds too much potential
      to pass up. So what are your thoughts on NBIX? I'm
      still a huge fan. The CRF antagonists are a major
      breakthrough and will really alter the way we treat and view
      many psychiatric disorders. I'm working on finding out
      where NBIX and NRGN will be holding their phase II
      studies. I may encourage a patient or two to enroll. Have
      you heard anything from ShaharAvi? I was looking
      through the usual message boards, but found no sign of
      him. Shahar-if you read this, contact me. Well, time
      for me to check out. Take care.

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      • I was starting to wonder where you'd hid
        yourself. Good to see you around.

        I really like
        Neurocrine's CRF project, but I haven't heard much new
        recently. The last time I saw anything really significant
        was among the thousands of abstracts from the
        Neuroscience meeting. I haven't been keeping up with their
        clinical trials, though, because my attention had been
        focused elsewhere. Any idea about a timetable?

        don't know if you saw my post on the TTNP board, but it
        looks like the Iloperidone trial is going to finally
        start in August. It is going to be a large trial,
        costing nearly $200 million, all of which will be paid by
        Novartis. If I recall correctly, it will include somewhere
        on the order of 2500-3500 patients on two dosing
        regimens. I'm curious about the exact protocol, but I
        imagine that details won't be available until the trial
        commences. I also assume you followed all that crap that
        followed the results of their cancer vaccine trials -
        sheesh! I got into TTNP at 5 a while ago, and of course
        in hindsight I see that I could have waited. I'll
        just sit and wait for a bit, but I don't think you
        need to be in too much of a hurry to get into TTNP.
        You may yet get it <4.5.

        I'm sorely
        disappointed in IPIC. I guess I should have sold off my
        position when the citicholine news hit, but I didn't think
        that it would drop below my entry price of 8. Oops.
        I'm holding out for both the Redux studies and the
        Pagaclone results, which should be out by the end of
        summer. Good Redux results might bump it up by a buck and
        a half, but not much more. For me, this has turned
        from a short-term play to a long-term buy and

        I think I saw a recent message from ShaharAvi on
        the CYP board.

        Nice to hear from you. Good
        luck and best wishes.

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