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  • dannyoptions dannyoptions Dec 6, 1999 4:00 PM Flag



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    • I think the answer is yes and maybe. Certainly
      commissions and presumably broker fees can be added to the
      basis of the purchase. Margin interest is more
      complicated as I believe it is itemized in some way and can
      only be partially deducted. Any margin charges not
      used in this tax year can be carried over.

      I am
      not a tax lawyer or accountant. Best speak to a tax
      professional. Free advice can cost you more than you pay for


    • There are two insomnia drugs on the market. One
      is Ambien by Searl, and the other Sonata by AHP.
      Both drugs have limitations and side effect that leave
      out opportunities for a better drug, which is NBIX's
      next insomnia drug.

      The problem with Amien is
      its that it takes quite a period of time for it to
      work. The problem with Sonata is that the half life is
      about 8 hours (causing next morning lingering effect).
      (The disadvantages of these two drugs may be the other
      way around, I don't recall exactly.)

      The good
      thing about NBIX's drug is that it combines the good
      charateristics of both Amien and Sonata, but without the side
      effects and shortcomings of both. That is why so many
      analysts were so excited about the drug.

      Hope this
      can help.

    • Of course you can deduct all costs that you incur.

    • thanks for your reply. Is sonata a strong competitor or is nbix product supposed to be better?

    • When calculating capital gains for tax purposes, can you deduct broker's fees and margin interest? Thanks

    • Sonata is Wyeth's(American Home Products) insomnia drug.

    • nbix drug?

    • we're with you on this one, BTRN, and formerly SIBI. Three for 3 winners, any other small bios with business plans you like? Still own GLIA?

    • You guys and/or gals that are yelling "on the
      bid" or "all sells" are hilarious.

      We had heavy
      selling mid-week from someone using Instanet to dribble
      out shares to anyone who wanted them. We hit about
      13ish and those shares were gone. Brief rally, and then
      there were some blocks exchanged among deep pocket

      This is all routine for biotechs with
      healthy business plans. The early investors move on, and
      those that want value and leverage move

      Real, real simple. But, beyond that, we also have some
      closed end funds that have not performed well, not on an
      absolute basis and particularly not on a relative basis.
      They need to take profits to cover redemptions and to
      reduce exposure.

      All is well.

      Rapid onset
      of action for an effective molecule that helps with
      depression..... enormous financial burden on society, resolved.
      Let's hope that it's in the cards.

      IL4 fusion
      toxin.... together with the MC4 and transporter projects,
      worth the current admission price alone. Success here,
      alone, would be nice multi-bagger

      Insomnia..... effective new agents will make this market

      Lots of cash. If you own shares, you could be sitting
      on a gold mine. Everything could crash and burn,
      OTOH. Ain't biotech grand?

    • One does not "dump" a stock by lifting the price
      up 15% to pass out 2.7 million shares over the
      average daily volume! In addition, for every seller there
      is a buyer. Who in their right mind would, or even
      could, buy +2 million shares of a stock that was going
      to go down anytime soon?

      Think about

      A collaboration? Possible

      A buy out? Hmm,
      don�t think so but it�s possible

      Good news in
      the clinic? Well, if it were bad news I guarantee you
      that in this market it would not go up!

      way you look at it a stock that goes up 15% on record
      breaking volume (not since the IPO has so much stock
      traded) is a stock that is being accumulated by smart
      money. And from the way it traded yesterday this up
      trend is not about to stop


      BTW- Those interested in TA might believe NBIX has
      just formed a tight bull flag. This would mean, if
      true, that NBIX has a near term price target between
      $34 and $36

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