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  • poon_k poon_k Feb 24, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Game Changing Technology

    I just happened to read about NENE solar window game changing technology edited by Thecheapinvestor website
    newsletters editor Bill Mathews. He highly recommended NENE as the future game changer in solar power technology and the big reward potential. Anyone has any ideas how true is this guy's comment?

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    • I don't know the details of NENE's technology, but my guess is that the newsletter editor is not a technical expert on solar energy and is simply trying to pump the stock. The challenge with the solar windows is not just a matter of finding a material that will generate electricity; there has to be a way of drawing off the electicity that's produced, which might not be easy wth a material that's supposed to be a window, and, potentially, developing some sort of energy storage system to facilitate use of the electric power. One other question that needs to be addressed is how much electricity one of these "solar windows" can produce. If it is going to function as a window, it cannot absorb very much light in the visible range, which suggests that the material would have to be very efficient in the ultraviolet range, or in other parts of the spectrum outside visible light, to generate appreciable amounts of electricity. And unless "appreciable" amounts can be generated, it's hard for me to see how the technology can be a "game changer."

      Pink sheet stocks are high risk. NENE has never generated any revenue and has burned through more than $13 million without developing a marketable product, and it's unclear if it will ever have one. More interesting to me is the fact that although the company claims to be heavily involved in research and development, only about 15% of that $13+ million has actually been spent on R&D. It's up to you to decide, based on what you know about solar technology and the company's history, whether there's really "big reward potential." Look at the quarterly and annual reports, and see what you think.

    • it is true only to the extent "it is a comment"...........for it to merit further consideration, there would need to be
      other and multiple, valid collaborative reports to be found elsewhere and I remain on a quest that, as yet, has been a disappointment.

    • Read their annual and quarterly reports and judge for yourself. IMHO anyone who touts this stuff is a pumper.

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