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  • stocknow stocknow May 31, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Is it a buy at these levels?


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    • I personally would wait. I think over the next 10 days we may see 1.90 - 1.95. But this stock is volatile...wild swings...all it takes is a PR and it's off to the races. 24 hours ago we had a strong momentum thing going and then BAM!!!

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      • you called it, but question is how low will it go

      • What you seem not to understand--or are unwilling to acknowledge--is that "investing" in this company is pure speculation. The company has no commercial products and, according to its financial reports, has no schedule for bringing a product to market. It has been around for about 15 years (not always under its current name), and has not produced so much as $1 in revenue, while spending over $15 million, only about 15% of which has gone for research into the technologies it claims to be developing. Consequently, the stock price is not based on anything more than speculation about what it MIGHT be able to produce at some uncertain time in the future. That's also what accounts for its volatility and its tendency to bounce up and down based on press releases--which often tout "advances" in technologies that are supposedly relevant to NENE's business but provide no real information about the prospects for commercialization of the products supposedly under development. (Go back and look at some of the press releases from 2011, for example, that seem to imply that commercialization of the window-based solar technology is just around the corner, similar to the most recent PRs.)

        It's also worth noting that, in March 2011, the company's stock price was around $3 per share. It then split 1-for-3, which caused the price to spike to around $10 per share--after which it almost immediately dropped precipitously to less than the original $3--and it's now considerably less than that.

        Of course, none of this means that money can't be made off the stock. But that's a different issue. However, if you think you're "investing" in a "game-changing technology," well, you might want to look for a second opinion.

      • Like you said, all it took was 24 hours for a big change. do you ever see it going below 1.90?

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