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  • fisk007 fisk007 Dec 7, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    $17 PPS (where we should be soon) -- news validates tech & opens floodgates for more business

    The agreement does seem like a tool to "open floodgates for more business".

    The question now becomes - at what level of revenue will they be at in 12 to 24 months AND at what degree of revenue RAMP COULD be expected at that time and thereafter?

    That is a key component in valuation.

    The Touchscreen Market is CERTAINLY CURRENTLY HUGE with projections of double digit growth in current applications for touch as well as NEW applications for touch.

    From the release:

    "The advantages of UniBoss touch screen technology include higher touch response and sensitivity, superior touch distinction, better durability, lower power requirements, and extensibility to many sizes and form factors. It also promises lower production costs versus standard ITO-based touch technology, including lower material costs, fewer steps in the manufacturing process and a simplified supply chain."

    The key to their technology is the elimination of the rare earth ITO touch technology.

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    • Indium prices continue to increase:

      "Indium prices, meanwhile, have been pushed higher by the Chinese State Reserve Bureau's (SRB) purchases of the metal at above market prices. Purchases by the SRB in the second half of 2012 may end-up accounting for as much as 15% of global production this year.

      With large inventories to draw on, whether indium's price gains stick will largely be dependent upon how much purchasing activity is seen in the remaining months of 2012."

      We have a disruptive technology on our hands that is going to participate in the fastest growing market on terra firma.

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