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  • adorabelle.alyssa adorabelle.alyssa Dec 25, 2012 6:11 PM Flag

    UNXL vs. ATML

    Can anyone shine some light on how UNXL is more advanced than ATML? I'm a newbie just discoverd the potentials. Everything I've read so far points in that direction but 1) there's no comparison between their products to make that distinction 2) ATML is already in distribution but yet UNXL is considered ahead of the game? How so? 3) at current stock prices for both UNXL & ATML are there any advantage of one over the other?


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    • There is no side by side comparison of the products it seems to me that UniPixel will be cheaper because they use an embossing manufacturing like a printing press that will be faster and is built in USA.
      Atmel's Xsense is built in UK using Ink Jets that I think will be more precise than UniBoss but we will not know until the products are out and there is a side by side comparison.
      The market is gigantic, the biggest problem that UNXL and ATML will face is to meet demand.
      And even though ATML is already in the market they use more complicated equipment.
      UNXL could easily surpass ATML in production very quickly.
      ATML and UNXL will not be competing against each other initially but will be competing against current ITO sensors.
      UNXL still has to prove that they can maintain Yields and Quality Control.
      UNXL can supply to various costumers while if you go ATML you will have to use their expensive touch controllers.
      The way I see it UNXL will supply the Android market where price is the biggest concern and ATML will supply the Windows 8 market were Atmel's touch controllers are king.
      I think right now ATML is more stable, UNXL is very volatile but UNXL has the biggest profit potential.
      Me personally I'm going 50/50, ATML/UNXL .

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