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  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Jan 18, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

    The stock was good enough for 10 insiders @ 16.35 several days ago.

    I would be an idiot to not buy more.

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    • giggitytrader Jan 19, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

      Those shares were GIVEN to the insiders as part of a pre-arranged compensation program. Thus, the motivation for vague press releases in the absence of real progress. Net insider trading is actually over 1MM shares SOLD. Please research and see for yourself. That said, we are looking at almost zero insider buying, and one large investor getting rid of a large position. Would be foolish to try to draw any conclusions either way in this alone.

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      • you mean this insider sell from freaking aug at freaking 5 bucks??

        ya think they wish they would have held now? lol
        yes, they were restricted stock grants given to insiders, but it tells me the company thinks fair value is at least 16.35/shr
        any buy or cover below that price is a steal
        congrats, cover and go long

        Aug 9, 2012

        RAPTOR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LPBeneficial Owner (10% or more)



        Sale at $5.25 per share.


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      • Look what happened last time insiders were given stock, 1 week later news came out and price soared.

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      • These were "ACQUISITIONS" by 10 insiders at $16.35 (non open market) which is probably means the same in your world as mine. If there was a private transaction to insure the price from a third party, I don't care...
        The stock has taken a hit because over the past few weeks, it has experienced a flood of negative press that if true, should justifiably send this stock to zero. TODAY! It hasn't and I am going to go on the theory that they can produce the volume necessary. to satisfy those buyers, who up till now we have been speculating on. It'll be $30 before it'll be $10
        Please tell me your prediction for the price since you happen to think that everyone is jumping ship?
        I have a feeling that a lot of nonsense regarding UNXL is going to be cleared up in very short order.

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    • Insiders know what's coming down the pipeline after a year of UniBoss getting underway.

      The deals have begun and there is every reason to believe more deals are on the way.

      This time next year this will be a company transformed, and the process is underway now.

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