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  • ch_roark ch_roark Jan 25, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Unreal short interest

    Look it up on nasdaq website. Over 2 Million shares short as of 1/15 SETTLEMENT date. This does not include anything that happened after Ben Wiley's terrible SA article. Could easily be over 2.5 Million shares now on a float that is arguably only 6 Million.

    What happens if we hit 50% short ?

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    • At a rate of a half a million shares short every two weeks, they could be up to 4 million by the cc, setting up an epic showdown.
      If UNXL delivers some solid news, as I tkink they will, the shorts will have START covering at better than $16 per share in order to entice anyone to sell.
      Why would they even think to dig themselves in that deep?
      Because from their perspective, they of course do not think UNXL can deliver the real deal, and are averaging in at around $13-14 in order to smack down the pps to $10-11 or even to $8-9. Then they have control over the price for as long as they want and think they can cover quite profitably at their leisure.
      I am using this time to build my long position at lower prices and plan on leaving a good tip for the shorts after the cc, as I believe they will sorely need it.

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      • Just like the Bill Ackman vs Dan Loeb/Carl Icahn Herbalife showdown is starting to show cracks in the collusion that is typical of short hedge funds, don't think there aren't long hedge funds that see the serious risk that those shorting UNXL are taking and may see opportunity to make a lot of money by applying some upside pressure on the stock. They can make money and wound a competitor all in one fell swoop!! What was that saying again, "Eating their young". Shorties, your computers are wrong so time to lick your wounds and go back to shorting bio-techs. We're starting to show a technical trend of $9 rises and then $5 retracements. Here's to the next potential rise to $23!!

    • Short problem easily solved if mgmt had the balls to update shareholders with whatever good news they have. Put it out Monday morning before open and with small float, shorties would be crushed like the bugs they are. I'm guessing if they have no honest news, shorts may be on the right side of this stock.

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      • i guess we'll find out on feb 26;adding as we get there; short int is startling; 2.5mmish shrs on a 7-8mm float; any news and i mean any news, this opens at 20; it's worth holding a position here just to see what might happen; risk/reward way favors longs; stock bounced off 14, which looked like the first support to me; next support 10-11, don't think we get there; huge short interest sure xplains the hit pieces on sa; shorts are risking 1-2 dollars on downside vs 5-10 on upside on some surprise news; rubber hits the road on the cc; shorts will have to cover before that call; i hope they don't;

        unxl is now my stock version of playing powerball

        i'm risking x (1-2 dollars/shr) vs 5-10 on the upside in the event of a squeeze

        i'll take my chances
        have to believe the company has got the goods as they set up the call, indicating good news to me

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    • All we need is for management to do a high level update in the form of a press release at 5AM Eastern Time Monday morning and the real fireworks will begin.

    • The larger the short position in the face of good news, the larger the launch pad.

      When you have new investors competing for shares while shorts try to cover about 1/3 the float, watch out. Could blow the roof off of this.

      Sure hope Reed has some big news to release.

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      Sorties got to cover a butt load............ Burth'a Butt load...

      reminds me.... yes..

      "This is Ground Control to Major Tom...... "Take your protien pills and put your helmet on!"



    • Boy, are they playing with fire or what?

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