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  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Jan 30, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    Very large vacuum being filled by fear.

    Why should UNXL be going up? Haven't heard anything but hit pieces so this is what you can expect. I keep buying, but not big orders. A hundred here, a hundred there and it's useless trying to find the bottom. The bottom will happen when the Company decides it will happen.

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    • that giant sucking sound is grundies

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    • its not going up becuase there is no news....its not going up because Reed isnt delivering.....its not going up because there are no buyers...

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      • Kenny, I have lost a ton of times and I learned more from those losses that I ever learned from winning. Lately I have been lucky I guess. With UNXL I have broken my #1 rule. Do not fall in love with a stock. I preface that comment because I have found the biggest problem that most people in these MB's have is their slavish devotion to a Company, or management, or product and it clouds their judgement and they eventually believe their own lies. It's like a Stockholm syndrome for stocks. Try to take issue with a Company in a Yahoo MB and ask a simple question and you'll know what I mean.People can come in and complain about UNXL all they want with me. I'm comfortable enough right now to defend my investment.
        With UNXL on the other hand, I am taking advantage of what I see as a chance of a lifetime. I do not say that lightly....I have picked multi baggers before, but UNXL seems strangely good. An unproven technology that could shake up a multi billion dollar industry does not rear it's head often. Biggest part is can they roll the product out in sufficient quantities and have it free of bugs. I say yes.

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    • no offense....but why do you spend so much time on this? I mean what purpose does it serve to go on and on about things out of your control?

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      • What exactly is the issue with the message that I posted. A post about a stock on that stocks MB, may well be a better use of a MB than questioning my motivations. Just responding to people who are wondering why the stock isn't going up. I am really buying stock, and I really have given up on finding the bottom because the next catalyst should be the last. The reason I am so obsessed with UNXL is because I have moved almost every nickel that I have in it I have been looking for months for a stock that was as kind to me as SVNT and UNXL is that in spades. Sorry i get preoccupied watching for the turnaround of the stock.

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