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  • dfurkioti dfurkioti Jan 30, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    This Time Last Year and This Time Next Year

    If last year at this time you were told this $5 stock would be $13, or UP 160%+, certainly you would have bought it in bulk.

    And if management's conference call projections on Feb 26th confirms previous projections along with growing evidence of a new revenue stream and growing partner list, you likely will be buying more, as the PPS this time next year will likely be significantly higher, not unlike last year's trend.

    Do we invest for the week to week gyrations or the longer term growth cycle?

    UNXL's technology targets $15 billion markets. Chances are the growth potential indicates this stock is grossly undervalued, based on future earnings potential, not to mention deals in the works right now..

    Act accordingly and watch the shorts run for cover.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • so you have one "unnamed new partner" and a lot of hype. TXN is not done and promises havent been delivered. So a year later, you base your findings on projections not fact. The only thing that will move the stock is deals, revenue and profit. You talk about investing not week to week but you are out here pumping day to day....if you dont care about the week to week why are you out here whining.....

      if the conference call fails to deliver real news....its going to be ugly and you know it....

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to fnkenny
      • The unnamed partner, and YES, I said PARTNER, is mentioned as a MAJOR computer company. Yes TI is not done, which leaves endless possibilities on product and market development.
        So a year later I have seen a GROWING interest and GROWING exposure to this company's products offerings.

        And yes, investing is NOT a weekly buy in, sell, buy in approach. That is day trading and while it can work, is closer to pure gambling on market fears. To each his own.

        I care because I thoroughly enjoy watching a company in its early growth phase, emerging from the shadows while building a better mouse trap.

        Whining ? HARDLY. I continue to discuss the virtues of UNXL as an investment vehicle in the face of your whining. Apparently you missed the boat and have the need to attack the company and its investors.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Excellent post! What's amazing to me is how these boards now are over run with those that short stocks and will use ANY opportunity to bad mouth ANY successful company. Shorting stocks is a relatively new process and these parasites simply suck away some of the momentum for up and coming stocks. Investors invest for reasons, like supporting a promising, innovative, forward thinking company. Shorts scrounge for shares to make quick profits. UNXL IS the real deal and a $50 pps target in 1-2 years is not unreasonable.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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