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  • jl2002j jl2002j Feb 8, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Atmel Outlines the Market and Potential; some Qs

    It was an informative post by 'Marketsite11' from Atmel's earnings transcript. Very Helpful!
    It shows clear enthusiasm on Atmel's part for their XSense product. Management suggested it has a lot of promise with 2H2013 showing more devices using XSense and a real revenue ramp coming in 2014.

    The market is clearly there. For Unipixel it all comes down to Production now.

    I wanted to find out how Atmel's +$10 pricing for 10+ inch sensor number squares off with projections in some of the revenue models that have been published. I'd read $20 in some of those published reports, but it's most likely not comparable since sensor size is an important assumption.

    Besides production, it also comes down to who is making integrated controllers for Uniboss sensor. The more controller companies supporting Uniboss will makes it easier for the sensor to be incorporated into devices. TI has been working with Unipixel for what seems like a long time. But isn't there a formal integrated product announcement long due or is it something that has already happened? I thought in the earnings call there was a suggestion that it would happen in Dec/Jan. Please clarify if you can. Thanks!

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