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  • fnkenny fnkenny Feb 20, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    Better Deliver at the Conf Call

    expectations are rather high now....if they dont hit it out of the park and have news next week we will see 16 again. today is about profit taking...if you dont see high 22 to 23 by friday i would be worried the call comes up short...

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • What a dope.
      Don't you get tired of calling out management just to seem them continue to build a real company, build relationships with global giants, hire top tiered management, have no debt with $15 million in the bank as well as a 4 FOLD MOVE UP in the stock price?

      You pulled the same #$%$ all last year and then name call those who collectively think you're a first class shmuck.

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      • Fn is right about the CC . If they Don't come out with actual sales, customer names, news that production is ready or, better yet, happening already. No more big promise and no delivery. Its do it or get off the pot time NOW...

      • Hey are the biggest deeeebag....thats right...deeeeebag....
        I have every right to call out managament or is that just reserved for you since you and Reed are soo tight. Get someone to help you read my post you ayyyyhole. All i said was expectations are high and they need to deliver. I didnt call them out, i didnt predict they wouldn't. You are the jerk that said it would hit $25 prior to the're the loser who keeps missing on price predictions.

        Do you honestly think that if they dont have a good call and give us something that we wont easily see $16 again? Oh were the one who said we wouldnt see 16 again and we did several times after that. Show me where there was name calling in my me you ayyyhole. You complain about name calling and yet take my post and call me a shmuk...... You are a clueless idiot that just loves to hear himself speak....get over yourself.

    • Whose expectations?????? #$%$ man even the biggies of the "investing" world like "The Street" still don't even Ave the slightest ideal what UNXL even does.... they are reporting TMOS tech sold off years ago as the current business....

      Wait until they find out what we really do!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Red, do you honestly think people dont know what UNXL does? I think UNXL is under the radar and i also think people are waiting to see the results of early proof of concepts. All they need to do now is deliver and the price will raise. I only pointed out that i would like and hope to see news or this will go back to the 16's. While i am expecting good news, they have over promised and under delivered in the past.

        Sentiment: Hold

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