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  • marketsite11 marketsite11 Mar 6, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    If you were short, what would YOU do?

    I estimate that the entire 3.6 million short interest is averaged in at $15.50 per share by looking at the increase in short interest per two week reporting period and using the mid point pps for each two week period.
    Thus the short interest is looking at an average loss of about $10 per share as of today, or a total of $36 million.
    We have seen clearly that 1+ million share days can cause this stock to rise $2 to $3 or better in a single trading session.
    So if the shorts start to cover now, and add lets say a half a million shares to the million or so daily shares already trading, then the short squeeze action could add $15-20 to the price over the next 7 trading sessions, getting out just in time for whatever might be announced at the ROTH conference March 19.
    Following that course of action, the shorts would realize with certainty a total loss of around $61 million, no small sum of money for such a small company like UNXL..
    But the alternative is for the short interest to CONTINUE digging in deeper as they did earlier today, and shorting even more, in the hopes that UNXL will stumble somehow, and not be able to deliver on what it promises, nor will there be any ecosystem partner or production joint venture partner announced.
    But if that hope turns out to be wrong, then the short squeeze will start out not at the $25 per share level, but at $35 + level, AND they will be competing for even more scarce shares as retail longs, institutions, and insiders dig in even deeper, as they will be even more convinced that letting go of the shares for less than $100 a share is just plain stupid.

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