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  • txrkill64 txrkill64 Mar 16, 2013 11:23 PM Flag

    Pay attention or miss the boat!

    Unipixel is expected to sign an ecosystem partner sometime very soon (next week or one of the two following weeks). While this would obviously be awesome and should help the stock price quite significantly, lets not forget to discuss any positive/negative externalities.

    Negative: None really, except some momo traders might sell (buy the rumor, sell the news type thing).

    Positive: I would expect additional analyst coverage AND the three current analysts to update their PTs almost immediately. It took them less than 24 hours after the Earnings CC to update their PTs, I expect the same for any upgrades after another major announcement .

    If Unipixel goes as far as to update its production schedule as well (perhaps to the oft rumored 3.9 million units per month by end of 2013), I wouldn't be surprised to see PTs raised to the $50-$60 range. Next Week. If you're not excited, then you're not paying attention.

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    • $50-60 so you value this company after supposedly signing a new partner at almost $600 million, WOW really thats amazing considering the first 300 million that it is currently valued at is based on hot air, and the other 300 million on profits that wouldn't be realized until the next 2-years.

      So lets see, Unipixel does not have a SINGLE working prototype with the exception of a proof of concept demo that was back in august 2012. They keep making BS hype about a "MAJOR PC Manufacturer" signing but won't release there name. Lets just think about this for a moment, HOW MANY pc's use touch screens? Hrm... 2.3% how many PC note books use touch screens under 6%.

      Who uses touch screens: Tablets and Smart phones who all have LONG TERM contracts with GLW.
      Who the hell is UNIPIXEL going to sell to? Most PC users don't want or care for touch screens yet they are all jumpty about a PC manufacturer (windows 8 sucks btw) and are now going to rank in millions... Please.

      1) No revenues, only losses
      2) No confirmed partner, been talking about a SO called PC partner since August 2012
      3) Stock price at current levels is ONLY on Hype and FLUFF nothing solid
      4) Way over extended up 300% in 90 days ON NOTHING but talk and Hype

      I'm sure Unixpixel will eventually get there and might even justify the current 28/share price once they have items in production and are earning revenue, But now you foolish buyers have decided to award UniPixel the Gold medal before they even ran the race.


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      • There are so many errors in this post it is hardly worth responding to, but here is the quick and dirty bullets:

        1. Profits will be realized starting in Q1/Q2 of 2013, not "the next 2-years".
        2. Not only does Unipixel have a "SINGLE working prototype", but they are mass producing.
        3. PCs are ramping up touchscreens right now, did you not see CES 2013?
        4. GLW makes cover glass, not touch screens. Your point makes no sense
        5. Revenues ramping in Q1 (i.e. NOW)

      • you say the stock is overvalued; one of the reasons its overvalued as you say is shorts like you keep shorting, are forced to cover, stock spikes, you short, cover, spike etc

        a good chunk of this move is due to shorts like you thinking they can call the top

        your analysis overlooked one key; float is 9mm shrs, of which the tradeable float is probably closer to 5mm; there are 4mm + shorts in the front of 2 presentations this week with news emminent

        risk here is to you and the shorts

        i've never seen a stock with virtually 100% of the float shorted but unxl is it;
        any news and i mean any news, this stock gaps up dollars and you cover your 5k shrs which only adds fuel to the fire

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      • you're currently underwater by $5k per your earlier post of being short 5k shrs at 26.90's; you'll cover by close wed with much bigger losses

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      • You sir are incorrect on so many levels. I understand your scared in your short position but its not a myth that production is happening now and shipping starts before next cc. Since the pc manufacturer announcement every single date and statement have been progressive and dead on. Companies with new tech that takes off are rare but shorting this diamond in the rough is just pure lunacy.

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      • most likely they have signed a confidentiality agreement, that is why they cannot disclose the name of the major PC mfg, but everybody knows it is DELL. Anyway keep shorting more and more and good luck to you. You are useful to the purpose of keeping the price in check and allow us LONGS to accumulate at reasonable prices

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