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  • richkortsep richkortsep Mar 22, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    Ecosystem Partner?

    Can anyone explain 'ecosystem partner' means? Is the 'eco' short for 'economical'? Is an ecosystem partner a joint venture partner with wider means of production of the UNXL touchscreen product? I'm Long UNXL and know this 'ecosystem partner' is very important with an announcement due anyday on this from the company. Much appreciate any response....

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    • My understanding of the term, which I heard for the first time ever during the Feb cc, was that its an entity so large, prominent, and powerful that it dominates, or may even have created, an entire segment of the market, akin to the way a long mountain chain or large desert might influence a natural ecosystm by its impact on the local climate. I did not get the impression that Killion was stating that the UNXL ecosystem partner was one of the five he named, bu, was merely using them as examples of such entities.

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    • Makemeamil has a good answer, but I wanted to add my 2 cents:

      An ecosystem partner is not a partner that buys product directly (i.e. a customer), but one that has incentives to get their own customers to use the technology. Think of it like Google who doesn't need touch screens, but would greatly encourage all android products to use it. Same with MSFT or even Apple (although they're a little different, they do still have an ecosystem of iProducts). These companies are all on the "software" side (they make OSs). It could also be a "hardware" company, such as Intel or Qualcomm that would benefit from the advanced UniBoss technology that lowers end-prices, thus helping them sell more product. It is in Intel's best interest for UniBoss to be very successful, because it will lower the price of touch laptops/ultrabooks, thus causing these products to sell more, which helps Intel.

      I hope this helps.

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      • $10 seems optimistic to me, especially since it is unnamed. However the short interest is so high that it could cause a bit of a squeeze which will move us higher (possibly $10+)

      • Thanks to ch_ who responded as well to another one of my posts, and to the others here for clarifying this term which is very helpful; starting to become more clear in my mind that such an agreement would have indirect, but significant financial benefit to the company. dfurk and others believe the pps will move up $10 + on the pr of the 'unnamed' eco-partner agreement. does that seem overly optimistic? do we not have to wait now for production to come online for advance in pps?

    • This Reed Killions answer from the feb CC

      Jon Hickman - Ladenburg Thalmann

      Yes okay and then could just identify like who would consider an ecosystem person out there? Like is it Intel because they make chips for computers or how do you identify or define an ecosystem partner?

      Reed Killion

      Well, if you’re looking at an ecosystem you would look at somebody like Google and their Android system or Apple in their system or it could be Foxconn, an ODM that supplies multiple products in multiple groups, could be Microsoft. Those are what I would consider as ecosystem partners, could be Qualcomm, there is host of guys that sell processors or software or offer services into multiple platform. That would equate to an ecosystem partner.

      Hope that helps... You should read the cc transcript on seeking alpha.

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