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  • viclobserver viclobserver Apr 25, 2013 8:08 PM Flag

    I am NOT short UNXL....I do NOT short stocks! I do NOT buy puts! I am doing my DUE DILIGENCE!!!

    I am just asking a simple question!!!

    The competitive product from Atmel , called X-sense, was exhibited at the Consumer Electronics show back in Jan.....

    IF UNXL has finished the development stage of UniBoss, then they should have numerous Demo devices, and a top notch demo on their website.

    What is on their website is a JOKE!!!

    Of course UNXL has technology. So, the company is NOT a scam as the MORON shorts suggest.

    The QUESTION still remains: How well does UniBoss work?????

    Did UniBOSS just finally get the process to work well in the last few weeks?

    So, that is why there are not a large amount of DEMO products around...

    But, still the company should have a dozens of Demos, and should have a decent VIDEO that demonstrates the product working...

    The company might be shrewd enough to NOT put a FAKE video on their website, so that they have NOT crossed the line into being sued for Fraud.

    Until I see WORKING models of their product.... I canNOT invest!!!!

    Tesla had a working model S many months before it went into mass production.

    WHERE are the working models of UniBoss????????????????????????????????????????

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    • All valid questions. I think since Atmel is so much bigger than Uni Pixel they have more resourses to devote to things like demos. Also, UniBoss is not an end product, its just a component, so in order to have a working demo they would need a partner willing to colaborate with them. Since the partners are unwilling to tip their hand to their competitors yet, a demo isn't possible.

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      • Also, Uni Pixel has 28 employees, Atml has 5000! They probably have a whole marketing team dedicated to just doing demos. UNXL probably has 5 guys in the entire Marketing department.

      • longonsmallcaps,

        funny, earier this morning I was thinking the exact same thing you are. UNXL can't produce a demo, only a film. Carclo isn't running around with demos, Atmel is. Most likely Atmel, Synaptics, or some other controller company would have to create a UniBoss demo. Given Synaptics' recent comments on their conference call, they probably do have demos for UniBoss which they allo UNXL to show off to potential customers in private only.

        Just a hypothesis.

    • Gentlemen, the point is not whether viclob is long or short; the point is that he has asked a reasonable and important question, yet NOT ONE OF YOU GAVE HIM A RESPONSIVE.ANSWER, which would lead other people to think that you are either ignorant or ashamed of the truth. Instead of answering, you all just cussed him out, which is not the best way to inspire confidence in the company's performance, I rarely agree with rbt5r, but I fully agree with him here when he says "any question to [the strong longs] is considered subversive." You do the same #$%$ with me. You'd fit in perfectly running a totalitarian society that demands complete adherence to rigid rules. Why can't you just be civilized and answer him as if he were your father or your friend. It does not matter what side he is on; all of us who are not wearing blinders would like to hear your answer and eplanations.f

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    • u cant ask these people questions. any question to these brainwashed knukkleheads is considered subversive to the pixieland cause. u must understand. these people are off the radar screen in terms of sanity.

    • Better do your due diligence fast. There is a company conference call on Tuesday, after the close, and if it is anything like the last one, it will be followed, or maybe preceeded by new least that is the one month historical view.
      Good luck.
      BTW, I'd look at the 6 month chart, go to the website and read the PRs, then listen to the last conference call.

      You will take away a lot more solid info than you find in any chatroom.

    • If buy your $6 junk atml and tell the mafia I said hi. If your not long or short get the fruckin out of here no none gives a shi$

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