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  • aphextwinrocks aphextwinrocks Apr 28, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    I've had it with rbg5r

    Come on, for weeks I've been seeing your complaints and rants. They've never included evidence or back-up information. At the same time, tutes, analysts, funds, and everything else is jumping onboard. Announcements have fallen in line perfectly. Other than the secondary, this has been a storybook roll-out. I've said before, I have my concerns, yet they continue to be answered with news and credible investigation. Just drop it and go away, everyone is burned out on your meatless warnings. Everyone understands there are risks and I doubt that they've put their kids college educations on the line. Maybe we win, maybe we lose, we'll find out soon enough. Just go away, no one cares about the rrq, you are boring me to tears. Boring, fn boring, fn boring . . . .

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    • shut up you creep. sell your stock at the open and go buy soda. that is your speed.

    • ive had the clown on ignore for weeks...he can rant till the cows come home as far as im concerned..

    • Excellent post, sound advice. But if rbg5r does not take it, perhaps I could help. You see, I live in a part of Greenwich Village that is home to a Family whose name one does speak but begins with an M. Since I have lived here for more than 30 years and have never ratted out any of them to the feds. the members have revised their original belief that I was an undercover agent, and we all live harmoniously, as long as I periodically agree to buy from them something that "fell off the back of a truck," like a dozen hideous polyester ties. I am confident that if I talk to Dom de Quatro (after he is released from prison, of course), and leave a little envelope in the right SAC, the problem to which you allude could be eliminated, Permanently. Please advise.

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