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  • coachd40 coachd40 May 1, 2013 12:34 AM Flag

    This was $22 per share less than a month ago. Do you really believe

    that the company is worth 50 percent more than it was a few weeks ago? IF this company pans out - and that is a big IF - THEN it MIGHT be worthy of investing in. Right now it is all hype and speculation by paid pumpers.

    They got ONE check for 5 million bucks. The company they got it from probably spends 5 million per year on paper towels and toilet paper so it's hardly the major vote of confidence that it is being sold as.

    Not saying it will fly or won't - just saying right now is a real dangerous time to be sinking any real money into this one.


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    • Hi coach,

      Since you seem to like to bash the people who write bullish articles on SA (but not the ones who write lying bearish articles full of misinformation), I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Chris Hofmann. I wrote some of the bullish articles. FWIW, I have been contacted by several institutions because they really appreciated my analysis. I have never been paid by anyone for writing the articles (except for the pennies from SA). I write simply to divulge the facts, which seem to get lost on people like you.

      Now, moving on to UNXL. The stock is tremendously undervalued at $22 and at $35. This is why institutions continually buy shares. So far for Q1 we have well over 1 million shares being purchased by institutions, and under 100k being sold. In addition, another 1.4M shares were purchased by institutions during the secondary offering at $32. So... who exactly is manipulating the price? the long-term buyers who are eating up the stock and locking the certs in safes before swallowing the key? or the short-term traders who constantly try to spread Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt while day-trading swings?

      Good luck with your investments, whatever they may be.

    • How much money would you like the OEM's to give them in advance when they're not even up and running yet as far as production? You sound like a moron...just sayin' lol. So don't buy now, you can buy it later when it's much, much more expensive. If the earnings ramp is even a fraction of what the street expects, this stock is cheap right now.

    • It was manipulated down 22 for a few days but dip was quick, like this hedgy dip will be, its underpriced, better grab all u can coach, ul be glad u did. jmo, also im not in love w pixy, love the money im up.

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      • Based on what I am reading, it looks like the overwhelming majority of the price manipulation has been driving the stock up. How much do you know about the people who wrote the article that caused you to buy the stock - because other than a few articles that seem like ultra sales pitches there is not much to go on with this company.

        Honestly, I am not long or short this one - but a company with no sales being valued at 330M+ seems pretty absurd. If this thing goes "poof" and disappears tomorrow then that's a whole lot of money that changed hands based on less business than many mom and pop businesses do - and I doubt you would be valuing any of those at 330M+.

        Like I said, I have no position in the stock and will probably never have one but buying (or selling) a stock based on an article you read and projections from companies you have never heard of is not what I would call investing. There is no real track record to base your decision on. When I first started investing I would buy stocks like this and more often than not it resulted in my money going away.

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