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  • kuro_trader kuro_trader May 17, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

    I'll tell you something..

    What happened today, like many options expiration Fridays, was theft. I believe many were timing, planning, implementing it this week.. I believe they stole money from people. I believe some of them even wrote articles to "hedge" this moment, so to speak, and sow a few seeds of doubt so as to cover their deeds, and make it all seem like innocent devil's-advocate stuff.. I believe they chose today, of course, like they often do on OE to make tremendous amounts of money on options with no time premium left in them, and by thieving it with their God given freedom to chose to do so. I go on to say this: on this day I lost the money for my daughter's college tuition this year. She is still going to go this year. I will borrow it. But certainly, that money now in the pockets of certain manipulators and their accomplices will, I pray, work against them 1000 fold. I say this finally to you thieves who so well timed this: #$%$ you.

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    • If you are stupid enough to gamble your child's college tuition on a speculative stock like UNXL, you got what you sympathy from me.....jeez....

    • Sorry ...I totally understand your disgust. This is nothing more than shorts and tutes in this together. The shorts have a position and the tutees all sell for profit and shorts cover for profit. I lost $27000 YESTERDAY albeit it was profits but took 2 months to gain that with this stock and i'm not sure if I will reinvest again in UNXL. the company lose something like 115M in market value and no one says a thing? Who does that. Its 26%. that is mega. Maybe the shorts are right. perhaps they know the players personally and feel they are not to be trusted. All in All the markets are manipulated big time. Especially small float stocks like this one. There will be many more days like this in the future.

    • I feel your pain - I actually bought today! Even having read the Barron's article there seemed to be little impact on the stock, there weren't any downgrades or price target changes in reaction to the article, so I don't buy that this was a response to Barron's from nervous investors, that knee jerk stuff happens immediately - the volume was too scary, almost the whole float. Maybe this is typical wall street slime manipulating stock, or maybe there is bad news, but what ticks me off is the lousy investor relations here. This was the number one decliner today, hurrendous volume and not one word from someone from the company to calm investors. Usually they at least issue a statement, acknowledging the price move of the stock and that they know of no reason for it. If there is news that comes out on Monday that's bad than a shareholder lawsuit is likely and should have the SEC investigate

    • like he says below. Hold!! buy more. its ok.

    • did you sell?

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