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  • mikesbigmtphoto mikesbigmtphoto May 24, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    Has anyone here ever built a computer?

    The OS is the last thing that is installed after the computer is put together. Windows 8.1 will be loaded onto the units after they are built. Just because there is a delay with the OS doesn't mean that UNXL will be taking a break from production and that Dell will be sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for the new OS. They will be building units and will load the OS when it is ready. This OS delay may not even affect the projected revenue stream. Just my two cents; if I'm wrong go ahead and chime in.

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    • You are right but PCs are not selling well and everyone is waiting for Haswell to come out to start building the next gen of ultrabook.
      The entire PC industry is on hold waiting for Haswell and because Haswell is a new chip it will need an update on Windows to be suported.
      In order for Dell to built the next gen Ultrabooks it needs Haswell and Windows 8.1

    • Assembly line production is very different than product development. You're confusing the two. They have to test the operating system with all its components in Engineering in order to work out the bugs before they go to mass production. They will build a small batch of prototypes for testing and qualification. Only after they are working properly will they start a large production run. There may be tweeks needed to the OS for it to work with the touch sensor.

    • I don't know for sure, but I suspect as the machines move down the assembly line, when the disk drive(s) are installed the OS and all other software is already on the drives. In other words, there is probably another operation that goes on separately that loads the OS and software onto the drives. If it weren't done this way, the laptop build assembly line would get bogged down if everything gets loaded at the end of the build. If my vision is correct, then Dell would have to have Win 8.1 in hand before they would ever start to build the machines,

    • I partially agree that the supply chain to Dell will likely not be delayed .. building up an inventory of sensors to go into computers ..

      But Dell will not build out the computers until they have all the parts for the first one - and that includes the software. They are a just-in-time system that is almost assembly line in structure .. not just the physical build, but the software install, testing, packaging, and then warehousing .. all in line. They do not have a spot in that assembly line to take computers (by the hundreds or thousands) that are build but not installed to sit and wait for Microsoft software before they go down the rest of the line - it screws up the efficiency of the whole system!!

      Again, that doesn't mean that many thousands of sensors cannot be printed, plated, die-cut, tab-bonded, laminated, built into sensor, tested and packaged, shipped to Dell waiting for their turn on the assembly line .. getting ahead of the game, so to speak. Because right now, we know the demand for these sensors outstrips the supply - which is why Pixie and Kodak are both building out production capability ASAP.

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    • In my eyes the delays are fine. Why? It allows UNXL to build up stock that they will then sell later. If there are really this many buyers lined up then they will keep running those machines.

    • I agree 100%. If Dell wants to hit their Holiday season targets, then they are going to have to stockpile inventory in anticipation of the Sept/Oct Win 8.1 release.
      What UNXL may lose in 2Q sales may be more than offset by 3Q sales.
      I expect that UNIBOSS production schedules absolutely will not slow down.

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