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  • sz7361 sz7361 Jun 30, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    Guide to Short Objections to UNXL

    New UNXL investors (or perhaps shaken longs) may benefit from this.

    Is 6 micron mesh bad?

    No. We keep telling you that 5-6 micron mesh is the industry standard (Xsense is 5 micron).

    Did anyone expect orders before the fall?

    No. Capacity has to be near 1,000,000 units/month before a product featuring us can be launched. These are Dell product lines, not some small unheard of company. They sell millions of units a month when they launch a hot new product.

    Does the huge drop in stock price indicate a problem?

    No. Notice there is only about 10,000,000 shares outstanding yet we traded over 30,000,000 in the last month. Considering some portion of this is held by long term investors who aren't trading, this means the entire float has traded hands several times in the last month. Fortunately for us this means the price action is completely separated from any fundamentals with the company.

    I'll keep adding to this as time goes by. If anyone is shaken post a question here and us nice friendly UNXL investors will help you out.

    Oh and don't use margin. Margin makes you a trader which makes you a traitor.

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