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  • angelaplumer angelaplumer Jul 8, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    Just Got off Phone with Mr Killion - was shocked he called me back just now.

    I asked to see the faility but he said that they were ramping up three facilities. Might have even said four facilities. But also said that no tours right now because of all the plating and printing machines going on and they were really busy. AND READ THIS he said that in the future people wont have to tour because they will be installing cameras on the website for all to see and witness. He sounded in very good mood and spirits and thanked me for being a believer. Said word for word 'WE ARE THE COMPANY WE ARE NOW AS WE WERE WHEN THE STOCK WAS AT 41.

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    • bumpu

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    • Angie,
      I love the real-time live-action camera idea. Kudos to Reed and team for that one. I hope they have both Lufkin and Rochester wired up soon!
      Congrats of getting 'the call' !!

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      • JBird: I was so blown awy but I am thinking that Mr Killion told me that they would be available at both locations. I am almost positive he said that but I cannot state that as a fact but that is what I am thinking. If Unipixel would have a camera in Lufkin it would make sense to have a camera in Rochester too and then people could could say well Lufkin doing this and that so how do you know for sure that what Rochester is doing so yes I would think that all places get a camera. Those lucky people working at UNXL all I can say. They better be happy cause sure they get some shares. What a hell of a bonus for them.!!! But yea thanks for the compliments and he told me to call back next month. I just want to see the plant with my own eyes. I just cannot fathom seeing anything like that. But I will put on my calendar to call him back in a month. And that Carol girl his assistant OMG she is the sweetest my pleasant phone voice too. She is a gem for Unipixel. Koodos to her too!!

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      • OMG me too. When I heard that I immediatley thought OMG that is the smartest thing a CEO could ever ever ever do!!!!! There will NEVER be no more lies or slander on UNXL because we can see and so can the world. But another thing I thought of too is saving us shareholders money maybe. Because if we all can see then there will never be any questions or any more accusations and that alone will make Unipixel commericial liablity insurance stay the same or I bet having that available will make his commerical insruance go down. I used to sell commerical issurance so lots of ways to kee your liability insurance down. But could be wrong but just thinking out of the box on that one. But yea Unixpiel has to be the smartest where their shareholders can just see in. As a shareholder you always think what is going on all the time (if you have thousands and thousands of shares though) but the cameras blew me away totally!!!!!!! I about gasp when I heard that. Yea I could of asked more questions but he is far too busy for me to hold him up. But thanks for believing in me. Angie

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      Very compelling. Did you notice they cleaned up the download? Apparently the production capacity numbers were not meant to be released yet, but they were noticed.

      Looking forward to waking to a 10 point gapper one of these days.

      Thats not good...I was hoping they would be a different company, one that has made progress.

    • great news thanks made my day wonder if your buddy is looking to buy some shares ,not mine I increase my position by 40 percent after I still have flexable to purchase some more tomorrow ,good luck to us all

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