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  • shockexchange101 shockexchange101 Jul 8, 2013 7:10 PM Flag

    Pacer news is probably...

    the news mgt will comment on tomorrow morning.

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    • We already know the Pacer news. Who gives a flying #$%$ about that, its old. Look at the chart today where it went from 12.30's to almost 13.00 in like seconds. That sort of move does not occur because of some lawsuit being dropped. The big money already has the news by their wayside. the retail buyer/seller is last to know.

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      • You're going to be very disappointed when you only get the Pacer news today. First of all if there was a leak (and leaks are rare) the company would have had the stock halted and released the news. The volume was not all that high especially when you back out all the momo players that jump onto a stock that's moving. Also consider the fact that companies almost never warn of news the next day. They can do it in this case because the news is not technically new news because it was public info that was already made available to the general public.

      • I believe as you may suspect one of the funds that sold some time ago moved back in at a much lower entry point. .today we saw some real volume and coupled with a 16 percent price increase is a very encouraging sign.

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    • There is absolutely no chance that the company will announce the voluntary dismissal of one of the many class action lawsuits that have been filed. Indeed, as a practical matter, it is meaningless. If the lawsuits go forward, they will all be consolidated and there will be a single nationwide class. It makes no difference whether there are 10 cases that are consolidated or 9. The potential liability is exactly the same. It could only potentially be material if ALL of the class action lawsuits were dismissed (as they likely will be once it becomes clear that UniBoss is a success).

    • I actually agree, but this assumption also greatly confuses me.

      The rumors of a PR in the morning didn't begin until AFTER the market closed. So they had 0 effect on the action today. Furthermore, the news about the lawsuit was posted 7/4, so it is a few days old.

      Also, the only people who knew about the PACER update were really educated people who do lots of research. And these people all know that the lawsuits are complete BS anyway... so why would that affect their opinion of the company?

      Something just doesn't add up...

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      • The biggest thing that doesn't make sense in this whole thing is a company spokesman warning of news probably before the mkt opens. This just doesn't happen.

      • No comment on the NEW website download and the fact that they put up numbers early in the morning, then took it down, leaving the download without details ?

        IMO they made a mistake updating the website and immediately took it down when they realized the error.

        We are exactly in the zone for news on production capacity. While the news on the bogus suits is bullish, it is clear these were frivolous suits doomed to failure and meant only to scare investors and were of no consequence.

        There is so much more slated for this company that any day we could wake up to game changing developments.

        If not tomorrow, any day after. Looking at the Lenovo developments, the comments regarding the huge gap between supply and demand of touch screens, block buster news is in our future.

        I am not 100% when, but I would not be surprised to see something of significance very soon.

    • Agreed.

    • I'm thinking the same thing. Kind of doubt the news is Uniboss related but would love to be wrong.

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