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  • druggy162 druggy162 Jul 13, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    Report the The Retardo Money Flow Quotient spammer to Yahoo

    That's the same retardo that said this incredibly ignorant statement.

    "A good idea would be to cut all high flying biotecs in half, and start all over again. This way
    new investors could participate in the action. The problem with that is the present share holders would have to bare the pain of a 50% loss, but they will eventually get their monies back"

    What an extreme example of incredible ignorance.

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    • i just reported it. and i feel good about it. i bought one of the recommended stocks friday. made mucho dollars in one day. i feel good about it. i dont feel good about unxl. it is a bad stock.

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      • responding to rbg5r the report retardo money flow. I looked it up they have it as an arlicle in seeking alpha. hey if you strongly believe what you read in seeking alpha check out their article dated 12/31/12 about unxl. I know you will love it just take a couple of moments to read . uni-pixel the best stock for the year 2013.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • responding again to rbg5r I bought a recommended stock Friday made mucho dollars in one day. did you day trade it and made some money?? or are you long the stock . to make mucho dollars and day trading you need maybe say for example say to be modest $100,000.00 in one stock if long not margined and not doing call but as you say you bought a stock so lets assume you went long and day traded and closed the position by day end if th e stock went up say 7 percent that is a profit before federal taxes of $7,000.00 after taxes maybe $5,000.00 I would not call that mucho dollars . maybe to you its quite a bit to but a decient car you probably need $50,000.00 after federal income taxes plus sales tax plus dealer prep lisc. so after taxes maybe $55,000.00 this is a great day in the market. if you bought the stock and it went up nicely and are long the stock you did not make any money you have a paper profit and you have not made any money or lost until you sell. I noticed you have again your mouth moves but you have not said what stock you bought and how many shares and what price buy and sell at. . no details you have provided any reason for anyone to believe your views on unxl and or tour phantom investment . so to sum up you make fun of both investors and the company itself ,claim to be well educated and imply you know something about investments and businee but will not outline your business resume versus the top management of unxl. you then basically say you made mucho dollars on an investment Friday but do not at all talk about you investment . sorry buddy you are a lost soul .are you scared because unxl may wipe you out. you are just a short typical no specifics ,no answers with delusions of greatness . really WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS BACKGROUND SINCE YOU ARE SUCH AN EXPERT LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE REALLY A SUBSTANTIAL BUSINESS MAN MAYBE SOMEONE HEAR WILL BE CONVINCED BY YOUR ADVICE.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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