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  • dorinricharddorin dorinricharddorin Jul 25, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    i did follow through with yahoo and larged a formal complaint ,

    there took down my contact info and briefly described the going on in this mb. I copied the yahoo policy you use of the message boards if you click on my posts about 36 of so hour ago pretty standard language with terms of use and abuse as well as profanity they also ,and you have to check my thread for details I believe they were specific about slander/liable and using false names as well as several items and they would determine the outcome and suggested specific illegal activities were to be reviewed but folks please pull up my history and find what I copied from yahoo. we will see what will become of this. rick

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    • Hahhahahhahahhahhahahhah--- you are a complete phony and a loser

    • Dickie Dorkie-- This ain't no church choir man -- if you no like, get the hell out-- your kids are already #$%$ at you for foolishly betting on this pos have better odds in vegas ya old fart

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      • my daughters have been more successful ,inteliigent articulate than you will ever be, you have proven with your own words that you are vile, ignorant ,and are clueless about the investment world.. Lets see your guttural remarks versus The opinions of three multi billion dollar corporations investing ten of millions of dollars on a well researched company with approved patents and a state of the art product that reduces costs, is flexable , so it can be used in a great variety of uses, and uses 75% less power than ITO products therefore, greatly extends battery life, THAT IS A TOUGH CHOICE. I will bet my money with the billion dollar business people who have outstanding scientist ,accounts ,production professionals ,as well as world class Marketing representatives who have a proven tack record of success versus a nameless blogger who remains nameless because he does not want his name associated with the mindless,, vile , inaccurate statements that he puts shamelessly on a MB. YOU ARE BENEATH CONTEMPT.

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    • Dickie Dorkie-- T

    • Rich,

      That good and all, but I have an serious issue with some of the information being posted here. The company didn't release data on the test panels, yet a few of the posters ( the vacation boys ) seemed to know the results. I think there is some SAC type insider shenanigans going on here. IF I SEE ANY OF IT, I WILL BRING IT TO THE ATTENTION OF THOSE WHO CAN ACT UPON THESE CRIMES. I've analyzed quite a few of the long term posters who appear to be "wired in" to information not publicly available. Sure you could be good a guessing management moves... but I doubt it.

      Clean it up posting folks and that goes for the "insiders" who mess around here too.

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      • I do not share your concern . there are several confidentiality agreements in place and I never expected test results. management will update the shareholders in due time and concerning the vacation boys who seem to know something. THE man you are talking about is al podwell I believe . he stated he had a major heart attack about 6 weeks ago. he also said his doctor was limiting his working hours. . I as a workaholic also hade a heart attack some time ago and had been given almost the same advice. he seems to have a working knowledge of the industry but in terms of insider info he is more likely speculating than reporting insider info being idle is tough. his info on the film did not seem to be consistent since the company stated that they were looking at Kodak Dupont or a third film supplier. . the meds a cardiac patient must take are very powerful and I would not take stock 100% with anyone recovering from a major heart attack. . . in terms of sac did you mean SEC insider shenanigans . we have a different view point there were such allegations some time ago and the sec was asked and I believe the answer was there is no validity to those allegations. in terms of posters that are supposed to have inside info they in 99% of the cases turn out to be baseless . Often a former worker or friend speculating so as to gain believability it the business community. thanks for the heads up but I just do not share your concern. good luck in you investing future.

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    • rich: thanks so much for doing that. I put everyone on ignore couple days ago and yesterday i only showed five posting so must have been lots and lots of shorts blasting their usual mouths. yea they are bullies, and they threatened people, etc. needed to be turned in. Yahoo should not allow that garbage on a public MB. I sure hope they look into it. But it is funny that when I got home today only 3 blank messages at the bottom of the page. So thanks again for your time. I be so happy to see if Yahoo follows through.

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      • angela I mentioned your experience and you felt threatened for yourself as well as your family and were verbally attacked may be due to the fact you are a women, the new CEO of yahoo is a women and more than 50%or their employees are as well. I believe they will take it seriously. consider their position if they do nothing and something bad happened yahoo could be sued for negligence specifically because they were warned and did nothing.

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    • You "Larged" a formal complaint? At least use the correct word! Larged is not a word lol. What an idiot!

    • hey doin-ricky-ricardo....did you tell the teacher too?

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