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  • three_with_a_one three_with_a_one Jul 28, 2013 6:38 PM Flag

    Comments of John Fenn, Touch Screen industryexpert on SeekingAlpha


    Mr. Fenn is not an investor he is a industry expert in touch screens. He questions a lot of the hyperbole about Uni-Boss on Seeking Alpha where the pixie pumpers dismiss him as a crackpot. You should read his concerns over on SA. Good stuff!

    I was told by a colleague who actually had a chance to see the demo panels that Unipixel was supposedly showing at Computex. He claimed to have seen several defective traces in one of the prototypes. He also said that electronic noise from the actual display was interfering with the performance of another panel. LCDs are well know RFI/EMI noise generators. Unipixel will need to consider how to better protect their films from this background noise. It is discoveries like this that always pop up during the prototyping process. For some reason the optimistic management team at Unipixel didn't seem to think they would have set backs like this. Now that it is almost mid July, where are the orders that will fill the shelves by the 4th qtr. 2013?

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    • Noise from LCD panel is a touch controller issue, not a sensor one. Of course if there is noise, the sensor will sense it, then it is the role of the controller to reject the effect of noise. So similar sensor designs with the same type of LCD can show different performance depending on which controller it goes with and which sensitivity is set etc... That should be obvious for touchscreen industry experts.

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    • Did I ever tell you guys that I am, in reality, the world's foremost authority on all technology including touch sensors for LCD displays? No, really! Seriously. You just read it right here on the internet, so obviously it's the gospel truth. And in my capacity as the world's foremost authority on all technology, I'm telling you right here, right now, that UNXL UniBoss is gonna be the biggest thing since transistors. Remember, you heard it here first. You may thank me now.

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    • bump

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      • I would have thought you had the good cense to get off this board, nothing you say has any worth you are a consultant to a small consultant that's specializes in a field about to be wiped out by newer more effective ,efficient tech.. you are history as is your so called career. your impute is worthless here., ignored

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      • we see your still breathing ,good to know . have you now realized you and your buddy an ITO specialist are fighting the good fight . but technology moves on and seems you both are stuck in the past as a result his small consultant group will grow smaller and you will be looking for a new line of work, good luck on your new career hope you find something you're better at than the stock market. almost forgot , you were a retail broker I believe for a time . that small wall street firm my daughter worker for MORAN STANLEY also did not take your advice and greatly increased their position on unxl as of the report 6/30 . I guess their experts that review all the material and are responsible for DD did not agree with John Fenn. their pros that reviewed the market and ITO VS NEWER MORE EFFECTIVE COST EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGY, AND THAT USE 75% LESS POWER USED THEIR knowledge from CAL TEC,MIT,ETC. these universities of higher learning are considered the finest tech universities in the world but as you and mr fenn discuss what has been successful. these folks are now in bed with UNXL is the future, Intel knows it, as does Dell, KODAK ,SYNAPICITICS, AND NOW ANOTHER MAJOR electronics firm , TO BE NAMED VERY SOON. THE TRAIN IS PULLING OUT OF THE STATION AND YOU MISSED CONNECTIONS,BEST OF LUCK IN 20TH century TECHNOLOGY ,IT IS A NEW DAWN MY FRIEND ,adapt of perish, your choice, I know, I know life isn't fair ,your mom should have told you that and many other usefull lessons, goodby

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    • Finn = good dialogue

    • "I was told by a colleague"
      This as all second hand info. How many shares was the colleague short?

    • SA appears to have no oversight. they clearly publish articles that are the opinion of the author. there therefore no fact checking , additionally, you have stated you are short the stock so no fact check presented by a person who has a vested interested monitory interest in reducing the pps of the stock. . in another post you refer to a person known to you so at best it is hearsay. my conclusion you have material not worthy of serious consideration.. next

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    • Thanks for finding this valuable industry news. It looks like Apple is using in-cell touch screens. Fenn doesn't see them using metal mesh. Interesting. Thanks for this useful info. Jel

    • even more:
      Atmel is not their only competition. The use of micro mesh has already started in Asia, with some Samsung monitors on the shelves now with an integrated mesh based TP made by Mirae Nanotechnology of Korea. Mirae reported has a monthly volume of 180,000 units which they plan on tripling by the end of the year. They are a $300 + million/year company with a long history in optical grade films used in LCDs as well as reflective traffic sighs. There is also 3M, Fujifilm, Gunze, etc as well as other technologies such as Cambrios competing in Unipixel's market segment of choice. Even the old stand by, ITO, is still being used. Finally there are the other touch panel solutions such as "in cell" and OGS that are also being used now in the market. Unipixel does not have a monopoly on this market. Far from it, they have a very crowded playing field where lower prices and consistent, reliable delivery will win the business, not hype and supposed endorsements by Dell,TI and Intel.

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      • MR FENN SAYS HE IS AN ITO specialist and that technology will be replaced by less expensive wire mesh products. he clearly states that is his bio. and is a freelancer within the industry and never ran a firm larger than say $30-$50million dollar company

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      • Every strong industry has many competitors the drug industry is a great example hundreds of companies both well established firm like teva and companies with no approved products that are developing new approaches to attack the problem in different ways. there are many examples I know of no growth industry that does not have a very competitive marketplace .

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    • More from Mr Fenn:
      Why do all the commenters just refer to Unipixel and Atmel as the only mesh makers about whom the market revolves? There are a few large players in Asia that also see the attraction of the larger diagonal touch panel market. They smell the profit as well and are already in production. Also, it is well known that an Asia customer will favor a local supplier over a foreign one. For example, Lenovo will always favor a Chinese manufacturer first, then a near by supplier. A company who is shipping from TX or NY will be last on the list of suppliers.

      Finally, it is foolish to think that a US based supplier will be able to sell at a lower price and maintain a high profit margin. The touch panel business is cut throat. Last year there were over 100 TP manufacturers in Asia. They are all competing in the consumer driven electronics market, where price pressure is constant. A 40-50% gross margin is a dream in this business. It is not going to happen.

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      • Before you start spouting off, get your facts straight. Manufacturing local is only a small part of the criteria. Lenovo is opening a plant in NORTH CAROLINA to make laptops, tablets and PCs in order to compete in the North American market. They also have plants in Mexico and Brazil, not just China. Hmmm....look at all the manufacturing that is returning to the US....hmmm...wonder why they are branching out into GLOBAL markets??? HAHA There are 1000s of everything in Asia...which is why it is imploding and manufacturing is returning to more stable venues.

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      • More Mr Fenn:

        I truly wish that somebody would do a top down analysis of the market potential for UniBoss in the PCAP market. I have yet to read one comment that is considering the OGS and in cell solutions that are already being used by Apple. These are both potentially cheaper than ITO/glass, ITO/glass/film or ITO/film/film and provide for a slimmer device.

        I would also like to see more than 1 micro mesh competitor, ATMEL, analyzed. 3-4 Asian TP manufacturing companies has announced the availability of larger diagonal TPs made from micro meshes. Since Unipixel, at least as far as I know, has yet to produce their film units. So these units are not using UniBoss.

        I would also like to see a side by side calculation of the cost of making a mesh based TP vs. an ITO based panel, taking in consideration of potential yields and production down time for changing PCAP designs. It is well known that there are many different electrode designs required, even within a single companies order!

        I am probably becoming boring and redundant with my requests for real numbers and facts. Anything can be claimed, but much less can be proven. As I have said before, I think the UniBoss concept has value, but it will probably not dominate the TP film business like ITO has in the past. I don't think all the ITO manufacturing companies have been standing still in their R&D labs to figure out how to compete with mesh and Ag nano wire technologies, do you?

      • Smart guys with good posts often get lost in threads over on SA. This guy knows the industry. He's good reading.

    • Dude, help out a fellow bro and spot me the URL, short an strong.

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      • dude I am clueless and have no idea how to locate this dude. because I want to post his findings and take credit for finding the information. hey dude have you tried to google his name? if not give it a try .if you have googled the mans name and nothing comes up doesn't that make a big statement about in person in question. is it possible DUDE this man might not be well known at all just a free lancer who has some knowledge of the industry, does this industry expert own a consulting firm of his own and get assignments from large firms when and if they need an outside POV or maybe he has experience in the field but currently is unemployed . I do not know any of the answers as such I will take the evaluation of 3 industry multi billion dollar corporations who employee the finest experts in all fields related to the product.

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      • seeking alpha is a blog free to anyone who wants it . this article might have validity if it were published by the Wall Street Journal were facts are checked and double checked and reviewed by highly regarded industry experts. additionally , if the performance had so many problems do you think someone from Intel ,Dell ,or Kodak might have noticed. although your industry expert would like to validate the numbers do you think the financial ,legal, marketing ,and technical staffs of intel ,Dell ,and Kodak would have been so unprofessional as to have not done the comparisons themselves with their world class science experts themselves before committing tens of millions of dollars to the project. and a thought to consider I know nothing of the man, . you are saying is an industry expert, why is he not currently employed by the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook, etc these firms pay real world class talent unbelievable salaries with massive stock incentives that can make a true world class industry expert rich beyond his wildest expecations.

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      • Use the search on seeking alpha. Jel

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