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  • samlukelily samlukelily Sep 5, 2013 12:09 AM Flag

    Kidkodak is the biggest pinhead on this board (full of lies like all his short friends).

    Nuff said.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Yep, I got tired of KidEKDKQ FUD last night and he got ignored.
      I believe he got burned by EKDKQ and now wants revenge on anything associated with the Kodak.
      Either ignore or filter his kdk-rap.

      No one likes insiders selling, but you all have to remember that these UniPixel directors and execs get very little salary (relative to most expanding companies) and that option grants are a meaningful part of their compensation.
      For them to save some and spend some is expected.

    • Dont worry, he is a classic Yahoo MB downer. Followed from the days of EK.

    • Fortunately shareholders of UNXL have evolved into investors, understanding the longer term implications and the value in accessing a huge growth market. They recognize the growing demand for their shares and the implications of what that means.

      The typical FUD and lull period has long passed and now we look to REAL business taking place.

      With KODAK revamping their website to reflect where their efforts will be focused, and with UNXL right there for the world to see on their website, nobody is listening to a chatroom basher, a weak one at that.

      There is way too much good stuff on approach and a lot of money to be made by buying dips and holding for the $46 target.

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      • I remember many moons ago Apple stock was i believe at a price lower then pixie is now . Every hated the stock lead by two wild and crazy kids working out of the Woz's . garage and wanted to compete with industry giants like IBM ,etc. Everyone. Said worst investment on the planet no money just Breakthrough technology that was easy to use and the rest of the story is history. Breakthrough tech wins long term old tech is replaced. The only constant on the world is change. Rick

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