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  • goldentouchbronx goldentouchbronx Sep 28, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    Realistic question

    I am a kodak investor, and want some serious opinions.

    What are UNXL real profit potential. I am not worried if they make their Oct 1st deadline, that means nothing to me...what I want to know is (your opinions) 6-12 months out. Will this company be producing 200, 500 or 800 million gross.

    Everyone is to caught up of what will happen with the stock price, I am more interested on what is the potential is for their market share...

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    • There is a quarterly conference call where the CEO talks about becoming a "major" player in the sensor space and what he thinks that will take(CC was 6 or 9 months ago.. not sure). BUT.. To sum it up for you, (but you should go listen to the CC), I believe his plan is to get to 10 million "units" a month in production. Right now that is about the output that corrosponds to the share of the market for 10%, for the approxmiately 18 or so companies making touch sensors NOW.. That is why the manufacturing partnership with Kodak is so exciting. Kodak has already help improve yeilds, throughput, inspection, and innumerable other things I sure.. at 10 million "units' a month if you allow the accepted minimum for a "unit" as $20, then the minimum would be $200,00,000 per month gross revenue, which I think they will do some time next year,, maybe by the end of the summer... so looking forward I think your 800 million gross is low for a year out time frame... only about 16 million share outstanding and a 9 million share float.... yeah,, it sounds unreal...... but consider.. the most expensive thing used in the construction of an INTOUCH, powered by Kodak, touch sensor, is the few pennies of plastic it is printed on.. margins "north" of 50%... yeah the numbers get real big real fast... If I haven't been following this company for many years, I wouldn't believe them either.. but it's for real...

    • ~$25 per foot. Preferred capacity licences require them to be able to produce at least a million square feet per month by April, and it doesn't sound like they've got any ideas about stopping there. Once the printing lines are rolling they should be able scale up capacity quite by adding more plating lines. They outperform the dominant sensor type in the dominant sensor category and I'm thinking that within at least a 1-2 year window, they can significantly undercut pretty much everyone in the business on price while maintaining very healthy margins ("north of 50%" per Killion). From where I sit, the most optimistic projections I've seen strike me as kinda conservative.

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    • Better be worried about the oct 1 deadline, if they don't ship product now, it means the product is not finished. If they couldn't get the job done in the last 3 years, why believe they will have product in the next 3 months.

    • It's hard to put "potential" in the bank. Unipixel has a lot to prove and thus far has fallen short with the first delay and is on the brink of a second delay. Proof is in the pudding and the pudding is nowhere to be found.

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      • how about Apple TV was to create a new revolution in home entertainment and the stock sored to 705 then fell to 400 as the promise did not appear as of yet . virtually, all major tech companies starting with msft and 8.1 and virtually all other tech firms . developing new technology is not as predictable on a flow chart or time table as Nestle creating a new bronie/blondie product.same could be said of cutting edge drug companies. time tables often get off course due to certifications in tech firms and the same issue with drug companies and the FDA approvals necessary prior to being allowed to sell product

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