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  • red_the_carney_barker red_the_carney_barker Sep 29, 2013 8:16 AM Flag

    WARNING!!! The video of touch sensor is from Kingsbury.

    If you go to Kingsbury website the "phone" size sensor has the same serial numbers as the one on their web page.

    Also the tech holding up a plate,, I don't think has anything to do with UniBoss process, our masters are shaped differently..

    Don't want anyone "surprised" as the poster of the video is a one time contributor and would'nt put it past our short friend to try and spin this on Monday, they know they are living on borrowed time....

    I do not see Kingsbury as serious competition, but actually as a fellow "sod buster". Silver has many limitations that copper/nickel doesn't, all metal mesh - including - XSense are welcome to help break up the sod.. in fact it there weren't any other metal mesh companies out there, I doubt we would be as far along as we are now....


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    • That video could easily be a combination of kingsbury and Unipixel technology.

    • red Surprise it was never stated whom the video was of. Not trying to mislead. Everyone is free to do their own DD. Good job on your behalf.

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    • Do you happen to know if the Kingsbury sensor is composed of silver halide or metallic silver. I remember the first PR I saw about it way back when mentioned silver halide, but later I saw a video clip of the Kodak CEO talking about it and he kept saying "metal". Of course you put those management types on camera and there's never any telling what's going to come out of their mouths. If it had been an engineer I'd be more convinced than I am that he wasn't just confused...

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    • I saw three different touch sensors in the video. There was a sheet of phone size sensors and the a larger, probably pad sized one that said "Chrome Side_Sense" down the side that looked like they probably came off the same machine shown in the first shot. Then about 30 seconds in you see a third type on a roll. That one looked potentially larger than the other two so I thought it might be InTouch. Hard to tell with nothing there for scale but the sensor was def neither of first two that you saw earlier.

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      • red_the_carney_barker red_the_carney_barker Sep 29, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

        Hey, i suspect the video is all Kingsbury, that's fine by me,, it would be nice to see the UniBoss process, BUT you won't ,or, are very unlikely to, as that is not Reed's style. He has stated before "execution" will answer the critics. Too bad though, I don't think it would matter to put out a similar video..

        I'm just wondering on Monday's FUD onslaught, the shorts will be desperate, maybe another "stolen" video shot??? LOL.. if no PR before bell.. and I don't think we'll get one, hope I'm wrong, but I expect something 1 Oct.. then the Williams CC on Wednesday.. I think... maybe a pr monday about the williams cc.....

        can't wait either way.. so close now.... shorty's got to be strung out..... unlimited loss potential... 5 million share short.. maybe more with the FUD attack Friday not too much covering at EOD...

        HAve you ever seen such a set up.. 50%+ short on a company with soo many possible magnitude 10 events that could happen anytime...

        Certification of teir1
        iso certfication
        new customers
        all in the hottest, fastest growing, industrial/electronic/manufacturing/enteretainment/social connectitivy, market in the world....

        just can't make this stuff up..

        i bet there are some shorty's still hanging on from the first pop in late dec '12 from $10-$15 range.. wishing on "single" digits.. right if they said single hundred digits...LOL

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