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  • kcchris kcchris Oct 2, 2013 11:51 PM Flag

    My thoughts on the call part 1

    I listened twice. Didn’t take notes but I listened carefully to Reed and Cody. Everything sounded good to me. I am really excited about the near future. The shorts have nothing to use as ammo. All of their arguments were addressed. I don’t think you will see any SA articles trying to lower the price. I think the days and weeks to come will be good for UNXL. This period is now similar to last winter. We were just treated to a call that told us everything we need to know.
    Lufkin is up and running well. Can produce 300,000 units a month.
    Rochester will be ready in Nov. The printing press is ready and the 4 plating lines will be installed generating a million units a month capacity. I think that is something that is going un-noticed by everyone. Originally they indicated plating lines would produce 100,000 units a month. Now we hear it is 250,000 a month. That might be 2 shifts but still that is great news.
    He didn’t ask about additional lines and when they would arrive. I am hoping 4 more arrive in Nov or Dec. He did indicate they can install 15 plating lines in Rochester. That is 6 million units a month. Very impressive. They could have 15 lines by spring or summer if they wish.
    We know another possibility is additional manufacturing in Asia. With that they will likely be over 10 mill a month by the end of next year.
    They indicated that they are working on 20 projects. I don’t know how many units a month that would be but I am assuming that it would result in a million or more units. They said there were many companies just waiting to see if UNXL succeeds prior to using InTouch. I believe that to be true. Once the ball starts rolling you can expect the advantages of InTouch to generate huge sales.

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    • They discussed the price of product. The price is coming down likely due to InTouch. Touch sensor makers are losing money now. The equipment to make a mill a month is $300 to $400 mill for the competition compared to $15 mill for UNXL. The cost of manufacturing and labor is also a fraction of the competition.
      They will have the last testing equipment installed in Nov. All the testing equip is a huge advantage for UNXL. If you are buying from the competition and they can’t test all their product or you can buy InTouch and it can be tested 100% what would you buy? I am betting it would by InTouch.
      So the product is cheaper, works better, uses less energy, last longer and can be 100% tested prior to delivery. I thin InTouch has a huge advantage.
      The informed everyone that there were meetings with Intel, the PC maker and Kodak last week that went very well. Reed basically said the waiver is a done deal for both Intel and the PC maker. Just waiting on some internal discussions. Likely going through legal. Once that happens a PO will follow immediately. Reed indicated the waivers and PO would happen in less than a month. Could come tomorrow. Know one knows for sure. I am guessing within a week or 2.
      He didn’t say this but I am betting the company is making and testing InTouch now preparing for the 1st delivery. They will likely have 10,000 – 50,000 units ready to deliver the day they get the PO.
      He addressed the insider sales saying they pay the directors in shares. So I can understand why some of those people will sell shares. I doubt we see insider sales moving forward. Reed isn’t selling.
      He talked about results. Because of the partnership payments the company will make money in the 4th qtr.
      He clearly stated they will be rolling out new customers in the 1st qtr. It will be interesting to see who that will be. I think there will be many new customers in the 1st qtr.

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      • The setup cost off the machine is such an important point. I always look at investments in equipment in terms of pay back time frame. In order for me to purchase a 60k machine I crunch numbers for quite some time before deciding what company to choose. The difference in cost is staggering. The faster payback, the quicker profits are posted, which makes for healthy margins and happy shareholders. On top of this both price per unit and speed of production is icing on the cake. You must take in every angle of the InTouch concept to fully realize its global potential. I believe it will pave the way for similar technology's and help the future of more affordable, refines, and integrated devices. Afterall, the utopian goal of all giants is creating that perfect, seamless digital extension of ourselves. One day we will see it, and I believe Unipixel will help.

        Apology for typos, substandard ITO touch screen. ; P

      • He said something intriguing early in the call. Said we would get waiver and order from Dell this month followed shortly by a PO from Intel. Did everyone catch that?
        The conclusion is that everything has progressed and within a month the company will be delivering. Assuming no major glitches in production and quality customers will start placing orders for InTouchin 4th and the 1st qtr. Everything is set up for a huge success. Our product is cheaper and better than the competition. Our sales are only limited by production. Get ready for the next run. It may start tomorrow or after the PO.
        Imagine the shorts tonight and tomorrow. They are trying to find a way to cover without driving the price up. We sorry guys. Longs are going to be buying. You better get out in the 20s. if you wait you will be getting out in the 30s and 40s.
        The only thing we didn’t get was the actual Waiver and PO. But I can wait a couple weeks. I am sure most here can.

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