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  • shockexchange101 shockexchange101 Nov 1, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    So where's all the news that was coming by today?

    I've been spot on about everything! Reed is now officially a bonafide liar.

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    • If Reed is a liar so is every CEO in America. Every CEO has a goal of dates they want to meet and sometimes they get pushed back.

      The question you need to ask is if the company is on track. It isn't important if it is late. Is the goal still acheivable. Everything Reed has said would happen has happened. Some are later than anticipated. I expect this will be true with deliveries as well. Manufacturing is still coming just a little later than expected. Deliveries are a little later than expected.

      Who cares. I would sell if I believed deleries would never happen. Being a few weeks or months late doesn't matter. Al it does is push back the window of retirement for many of us. This is a company with great promise. The process isn't easy. It will continue to be refined over the next year. Yields will improve and customers will come. I expect great things still from UNXL. I just think it will take longer than some short sighted people want.

      Relax and give the waiver a week or 2. Let Reed give you an update next week and then give me your thoughts. Oct 1 or Nov 1 or Dec 1. It really doesn't matter. Success will come.

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      • Reply to kccris I totally agree about scheduled productiona dates one that is very relevant is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner , The appeal was the benefits of traditional safety of BA aircraft and the benifit of a huge savings in fuel consumption. Which is one of the key elements to any airliner's cost and resultant bottom line . There was a backorder of years for the product (about two years ). And one of the contributing factors of United buying Continental Airlines was that Contential had the first years producion of Dreamliners sewn up or first dibs . Despite the fact that Boeing has been in business for more than 60 years the scheduled dates on delivery were not met . And when they were first sold the dates of delivery were not months but more than a year late and despite all that, several were grounded due to battery/ fire issues . The bottom line is in manufacturimg technology products even the oldest ,and best in the world are often late but demand is huge and is backlogged for years to come.

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      • said give the waiver a wk or two. In a wk or two you'll be saying give it another wk or two...rinse and repeat!! Original ship date was supposed to be by Oct 1st. We are past that date by 4 wks now and no shipping is even in sight.

        Timberrrrr!!!!! Just in case you haven't noticed the price.

      • Exactly right kcchris...but it can pop up at any given moment like before. And PR's can come in when want.

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      • Don't be a naive FOOL chris. Not every CEO has a shady history like Reed does. There isn't 6 mil shares shorted for nothing and he's helping their cause by missing dayes. Either don't give dates or push them out far enough that there's no chance to miss them! You wouldn't know a red flag if it poked your eye out.

    • "Shockexchance - I've been spot on about everything!"

      You're gonna be spot on very soon, spots on yer shorts. hehe

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    • Reeds been a bonafide liar for ever, remember.leading everyone to believe shipping starting in April, then the drop dead date, truth is,they do not have a working product.

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