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  • highflier2go highflier2go Nov 5, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    Target price reduced at Cowen to 41 from 46

    From Zolmax News (never heard of it, but assume it's legit)

    Anyone have more info on this? Not happy with the target price reduction - but if something was really wrong, it would be a much larger reduction (so I'm kind of relieved in a way). Maybe they are assuming that product shipments might be slightly delayed?

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    • The product shipments have already been delayed since what was assumed when Cohen last issued a price target -- likely means that they lowered 2014 EPS estimates slightly, resulting in their model producing a slightly lower price target. Presumably, however, the decision to release the report ahead of the conference call means that they have good reason to believe that everything is on track for production to begin in the reasonable future.

    • They could've sold their holdings and lowered the target to 14.00. But they didn't. Why? Because there is going to be a waiver announcement on Thursday, perhaps a little more conservative but reassuring for share holders. Shorts will cover.

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    • It means that justifiable news is about to be released. There's always some press release spelling out what analysts are nitpicking over. There will be news on Thursday justifying a 41.00 price target. To the moon!

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    • I'm sure the reduction was based on the fact that there was no announcement of waiver or PO. Therefore, they're assuming slightly later time to market and therefore, less revenue.

      When there is Dell news - or one of the 20 "projects" pans out, the number will go back up. This, however, is a reasonable adjustment given the news vacuum for a pre-revenue company.

      Also, anyone can tour Lufkin. The analysts don't have - in fact, are not allowed to have, per Reg FD - any more info than we could get if we asked the same questions fo Reed.

      So, this is a hedge in the face of no positive catalyst - period. No smoke, no mirrors, no secret knowledge. And that's also why the haircut is so small ($46 to $41).

      No worries - I can see Thursday from here in Johannesburg...


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    • i seriously doubt they'd invite an insider trading investigation quite so blatantly if they were privy to any info that you don't know. My question would be, what's the timeframe for their projection? If it's a near term target then it would make sense to make adjustments based on current market conditions. Anyway 41 is a very nice number also, and they're still rating the stock as an Outperform, per Analyst Ratings Network.

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    • I agree a larger reduction would be suspicious. Even this one is though. I suspect Cowen doesn't have to "assume" much about this UNXL - they almost certainly have a line of information. This actually has me wondering what's going on.

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