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  • vvvvvvrebel89130 vvvvvvrebel89130 Dec 7, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    the 125k trade was structured to not trigger a price rise

    thats why they ran the stock down thru 12, breaking all the stops at 12, and kept the stock pinned while they accumulated shrs

    the trade was made after friday to make sure there was no reaction; it was posted late in a/h

    you'll see a reaction on monday

    bigger issue is why did it happen now?

    next week could be pretty big

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    • Also the SA upbeat piece allowed them some additional profits off the volatility. SA likely helps the hedgies any way they can. Drop it down Friday and close the accumulation at these lower prices.

    • I agree Reb...on last Tuesday I felt that some news of something was heating up. Then Wed, came the Graycell SA article. I just had a feeling too much time had passed in this powderkeg w/o news. I feel the same now about next week.

      Someone big knew something to hit that trade at the last minute. Next week is gonna be way or the other. I'm surprised all those stubborn shorts haven't covered by last week. Are they planning more gang hits? Then again they don't have any to beat up.

      Hope they get the cockroach juice squeezed out of em'.

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      • good point and here's one we both forgot

        talum reinterated their 50 target I think on the same day as the sa article

        no way an analyst goes out on a limb like that if anything is amiss

        for him to repeat his target in the midst of a sec inquiry tells me the sec inquiry is a non-issue and that talum talked to reed and he basically gave them the all clear

        and as you pointed out, that's probably what casued someone to place the order for 125k shrs

        talum? could be or their clients I hope

        I've posted 2,475,365 times that we need tutes to come in to fight the shorts

        hope that's the case now

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    • next week is the end of shorts, dont u fagits realize dellworld is next week and 125,000 FRIDAY AH trade happens late in the evening? how many clues do i have to give u. its over ufagits. ur cooked and well done

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