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  • alikik alikik Apr 17, 2014 10:01 AM Flag

    This is a headscratcher

    Why was there so much excitement and a 16% rally on the CEO news (Hawthorne) only to have it all disappear (and then some). What specifically has changed in the last 48 hours? Was there more news that was negative or a SA article that I missed?

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    • What changed? The bagholders woke up and realized that the old CEO is even worse than the last one.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • IMO It's options related. There are $7.50 option strikes due to expire today. Then from May onward (May,Jun,July) there are no $7.50 strikes. The put to call ratio favors calls for the $7.50 strike and the $7.00 strikes favor the puts. Hence stock price holding above $7.00 and below $7.50 causing the $7.00 puts to expire worthless and the $7.50 puts to expire worthless.

    • The critical line in the CEO announcement was "I believe there is a strong technical foundation for the touch sensor product that we can build from to overcome the challenges of volume production. " That statement clearly indicates that UNXL have not yet resolved the barriers to commercial production. Without commercial production the company has a very low value as other technologies are being developed that will not wait for this resolution. So, we are pretty much back where we have been which is shorts are in complete control, no rally can ever be sustained until proof of commercial production is demonstrated.

    • Getting closer to the spot light being back on this amazing opportunity. When all the players come back to experience the next run up, AND, you get more professional money staking claims, there just are NOT enough shares to go around without effecting the share price positively.

      The spike was due to just a bit more demand than there was supply and we had a nice move up. It just goes to show the shorts are between a rock and a hard spot when as news hits and buying interest resumes.

    • None of the above. Hedgies are throwing this back and forth while covering shorts. Same bundle of shares traded around and their window of profiting is now. CC is just around the corner and progress is getting made by engineers. Hedgies and shorts know this. As soon as they announce date of CC then price will climb slightly as the anticipation of a positive update is set. Likely date of CC will be announced early next week.

    • "Why was there so much excitement and a 16% rally on the CEO news (Hawthorne) only to have it all disappear (and then some)."

      Can you say "Pump and Dump"?

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      • There wasn't any pumping going on, perhaps on this board, but this board is full of IDIOTS making ghastly predictions. What happened when CEO was announced was some inexperienced shorts covered and some short term traders got in on the ride, then realized the next day that the ride was short lived and unloaded again. Its not like we are dropping on heavy volume. Anyway, this is dead money for a while. those looking for a quick buck look elsewhere.

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